Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Where Have All The Colors Gone?

Amherst Town Common Wednesday morning
Sweetser Park
Kendrick Park
 President's House Amherst College
Behind Lord Jeff Inn town center
UMass Amherst the flagship of higher education (shot from town center) 
Amherst College #1 property owner in town


Anonymous said...

The school committee meeting was canceled last night due to an error in required posting/notification. The Gazette runs with a head-line that the vote to consider reconfiguration is postponed til January. My question- can the SI unilaterally postpone the vote? Since the vote was on the agenda, doesn't the SC have to vote to postpone? (and they couldn't have, since they didn't meet)? am I wrong?

Larry Kelley said...

Well if you want to be technical about it the School Committee could put it back on their agenda for this coming meeting and THEN vote to postpone it until January.

I just find it kind of interesting that the highly paid building consultants kept saying the decision about a school for 350 (simply renovate Wildwood) vs a school for 750 (mega school) had to be made soon, like yesterday, because of the MSBA timeline.