Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Over Amherst

7:20 AM, 400 feet up looking east
Around same time looking north
Downtown 3:30 PM looking south
Downtown 3:30 PM looking north

Bramble Hill Farm 4:10 PM 175 feet up
 Bramble Hill Farm 4:20 PM 400 feet up


Marcia T. said...

Stunning shots, Larry. Thank you for sharing!

Larry Kelley said...

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry,

When you give your altitude, are you referring to "above sea level" or "above the ground level" below?

Which of these is your FAA limit? (This is important, just in case pilots are using one measure, and you're using another.)

- Just Curious

Larry Kelley said...

Above ground level.

Limit is 400 feet. From ground level. Otherwise on top of Mt Sugarloaf or Mt Tom, you could not even take off.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots! Things will probably be just as serene tomorrow as Massachusetts is (thankfully) dead last when it comes to Black Friday craziness.

Anonymous said...

Taking pics of the community from above, just plain creepy. Should not be done, short personal benefit with long term community cost. Selfish, low on respect. Worse than peering in neighbor's windows or putting mirrors on shoes. Please stop.

Larry Kelley said...

On Monday the Amherst Historical Museum had a drone fly overhead mapping the property for an important historical dig that will take place next spring.

And starting tomorrow UMass Amherst will have a drone flying over campus at 400 feet "to make high resolution aerial photographs of the University."

Please shut up.