Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lonely At The Top?

Town Manager John Musante in happier times (2013)
Interim Town Manager Dave Ziomek (center) October, 2016

Undoubtedly the sudden shocking death of John Musante left a cavernous hole to fill in town government's top position.

And for anyone having known and worked beside him for a good number of years, I can see why they would think twice about it even if it is the 2nd highest paid position in town.

I was a bit taken aback on Monday night when Select Board Chair Alisa Brewer, her voice shaking, announced that Interim Town Manager Dave Ziomek would not be seeking the job permanently so he could return to his Assistant Town Manager/Conservation Director position by January 31, 2016.

Having just sat through a two hour heated discussion over a beer/wine permit for a local convenience store in the north end of downtown I should have been more prepared for that bombshell announcement.

Because there's a distinct connection between the two issues.  The main reason Amherst Center Store was granted a controversial liquor license by a 3-2 vote is that Glenn Hamill is a mom-and-pop small business owner with a solid reputation for hands-on management.

 Glenn Hamill countering NIMBY criticism at Monday night Select Board hearing

When you own a small business there are a thousand details a day to occupy your undivided attention and not enough time during a 24 hour cycle to attend to all of them.  And if you're really lucky, you maybe get Christmas or Thanksgiving off for a very brief reprieve.

 Amherst Center Store, one of three convenience stores owned by Glenn Hamill

Although since Mr. Hamill's  new Amherst convenience store is open 24/7, probably not for him.

Running a $80+ million college town is probably almost as hard, even with the top shelf department heads currently in place.

 Assistant Chiefs Don McKay, Lindsay Stromgren (ctr) and Chief Tim Nelson

A few years ago when AFD Chief Keith Hoyle retired number two in command, Assistant Chief Lindsay Stromgren, was a shoe in to replace him.  Except he did not apply.  As with Mr. Ziomek there's personal life beyond the job, and where the buck stops eats into that all the more.

Chief Livingstone at Select Board beer/wine permit hearing Monday night:  "I have zero concerns on this particular license."

When APD Chief Charlie Scherpa retired in 2009 there was an in house competition for his replacement by two very good men, Scott Livingstone and Mike Kent. And when Mr. Kent did not get the nod he soon left the department for the Chief's job in Burlington, Mass.

So in house competition does have its draw backs.

 Ad to appear in tomorrow's Amherst Bulletin

Especially now with the Amherst For All Charter change enthusiasts fast closing in on enough signatures to bring the idea of altering our form of government to the ballot this coming spring.

The big mistake the last Charter Commission made a decade ago was to cater to the popularity of then Town Manager Barry Del Castilho by retaining that position while replacing Select Board/Town Meeting with a (weak)Mayor and Town/City Council.

 Barry Del Castilho attending John Musante's funeral service ceremony in town center

This time around it's unlikely that major mistake will be repeated, so the new Town Manager will be out of a job, or demoted.  Thus it's very likely to impact the search for a new "permanent" Town Manager coming up over the next few months.

After all, who wants to apply to be captain of the good ship Titanic? 

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Anonymous said...

No wonder no one sane gets involved in town government. You have deviants snapping pictures of you on your way to a wake. Not a pretty picture of all the white hairs in the first row, at one of the meetings. Creepy!

Larry Kelley said...

So you're saying a journo should not take pictures of public figures walking on a very public street, or citizens appearing at a public meeting?

Anonymous said...

I love how he called you a deviant. I don't agree, but I think it's an interesting choice of defamation.

Larry Kelley said...

Well he's a Cowardly Anon Nitwit so I really don't care what he (and they are always a he)thinks.

Anonymous said...

The town budget is about $20 million, not $80.

Larry Kelley said...

I was of course including Schools and Enterpise Fund spending, which the strong Mayor will someday be responsible for.

Anonymous said...

I guess the elderly are the last group you can demean with impunity. White hairs. So kind of you. Ageist bastard.

Anonymous said...

And, 12:10, who are you to demean those who may be born out of wedlock by using "bastard" as a slur? Your hypocrisy proves 8:41's point about close-minded elderly people.

Anonymous said...

Lol. That's as funny as your assumption that i'm older than you are. Close minded younger people are preferable?

Anonymous said...

Who's demeaning bastards?? Iwas demeaning Him! Lol