Saturday, November 14, 2015

Feed Me!

Moving truck was heading west on Snell Street 8:20 AM

The truck eating bike path bridge scored another meal this morning as a moving van found out the hard way about the narrow, not-overly-tall bridge over Snell Street.

Fortunately no injuries to the occupants or the bridge but the truck will need some tender loving care before it rejoins the fleet.

 More damage caused by coming out than going in

The state replaced the old Central Mass Railway bridge in the summer of 2012 ,which did raise it one foot from 9.6 feet high to the current 10.6 feet, although the narrow width stayed the same.

Looks like the truck made it pretty far under the bridge before contact took place so it was probably not like hitting a solid brick wall.

 State should think about placing their sign a tad higher up

Although if the driver had tried this three years ago when the bridge was a foot lower the impact would probably have been a tad more explosive.

 Mass Dept of Transportation bridge inspector arrives 10:20 AM


Anonymous said...

Dumb dumb. How many freaking times…..

Anonymous said...

Musta been writing to this blog while driving. And NOW look!

Anonymous said...

Should never have been issued a CDL. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

The driver (or his insurance) will likely contribute to the Rail Trail maintenance fund (and a lot more than the cost of the sign).

Anonymous said...

I don't think that you need a cdl to drive that. no air brakes.

Anonymous said...

Try GVW under 28,000 lbs. Air brakes are a special ADDITIONAL endorsement on a CDL.

As are HazMats.

Now why DCR didn't widen thatdangerous curve as well as either raise their NEW bridge higher and/or lower the road (as was done in Northampton) is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Drunk? Stupid?

Anonymous said...

It's because they redid "Hey Fatty" but not "2 lo GAC"
Graffiti has its purpose.