Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunny Sunday Over The Valley

Mt. Sugarloaf, South Deerfield
Puffer's Pond, North Amherst
UMass West Experimental Station being deconstructed piece by piece
Crotty Hall going up next to Gordon Hall North Pleasant Street
 Amherst College Greenway Dorms
Olympia Place:  private dorms near UMass
Only two usual peace demonstrators, Vince O'Connor and Pat Church, this afternoon's stand out near main town flagpole 
Owen's Pond sundown
Gull Pond
Let's hope the Fed's don't start requiring kite registration


Dr. Ed said...

"Deconstructed" is so much nicer a word than "demolished" but I consider it largely a distinction without a difference.

They are demolishing a historic building and promising to replace it with a shell that sorta looks like the old building on the outside.

This is sorta like dismantling a Model T Ford and welding the parts onto a modern pickup truck, fabricating new ones to fit as needed. You wouldn't have an antique car no more than UMass will have a historic building if/when they actually build the replacement for the DEMOLISHED West Experiment Station.

I notice the promise to "reconstruct" the trolley shelter was honored....

Anonymous said...


It is being deconstructed so it can be reconstructed.

And it's not just the shell of the building. They also saved architectural pieces from inside. It's the best way to preserve the building. It was on a poor foundation and needed upgrades inside best accomplished by this method.

And UMass never planned to keep the glorified shack that was the trolley station, and I don't even think they ever said so.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Larry showing progress and preservation.

Old Buildings = Uncomfortable and Inefficient

Model T = Deathtrap


Anonymous said...

Olympia Place sure looks like an odd footprint from above. Not quite 'getting it.'

Larry Kelley said...

I think it looks kinda cool.

But then I'm not an architect, planner or art critic.

Anonymous said...

It just looks weirdly asymmetrical. Like a Gehry building.