Monday, November 2, 2015

Scary Halloween For 1st Responders

3 Engines on scene Brown Dorm 12:42 AM for stuck elevator with passed out female aboard

The Halloween weekend was to nobodies surprise a chaotic one for First Responders.

 Standing room only in Eastern Hampshire District Court this morning

Amherst police had 28 arraignments this morning in Eastern Hampshire District Court for all the college aged youth they arrested -- almost all of them alcohol related.  And as you can see AFD  was stretched to the breaking point by alcohol related runs.

Like for instance at UMass, where two-thirds of the "emergency" runs were for ETOH (intoxicated) students.

AFD also dealt with a single Motor Vehicle Collision out on North East street that required the jaws of life for extrication and two helicopters for transport to a trauma center.

I hate to think of what would have happened had that accident occurred closer to midnight -- when our emergency response system was at maximum stress -- than at 3:45 AM, when more responders were available.


Anonymous said...

You worry too much. Don't forget to take your OCD med and anxiety pills.

Anonymous said...

The Washington dorm overdose happened (and was broadcast) while first responders were dealing with this accident and the related life flight activity (The severely injured men were transported from the scene to an area accessible for the helicopters)