Friday, November 20, 2015

Intersection Of Alternatives

Intersection of Sunderland and Montague Roads just before North Amherst Library

Option D

So it looks like Option D will be the chosen one out of four possible proposals for the funky intersection of Sunderland and Montague Roads less than a field goal kick from the intersection of Pine/Meadow/North Pleasant Streets in the heart of North Amherst center.

Last night the Public Works Committee joined the Planning Board and Transportation Task Force in signaling their "preponderance of approval" for Option D, which terminates the final length of Sunderland Road running past the North Amherst Library and turns it into green space contiguous with the town owned playing field.

Montague Road, which is a state road, and Sunderland Road will both remain two way and the intersection behind the library may get a traffic signal or could simply become a four way stop. 

The three influential committees did not take a formal vote as they all wish to wait for more public input at the December 8th public hearing which is a follow up to the June 24th well attended hearing.

DPW Chief Guilford Mooring also told the Public Works Committee last night the $500,000 renovation of the traffic control signals at Pine/Meadow/North Pleasant was turned down by the state for a MassWorks grant so they are coming up with a make due method costing around $200,000 which could happen next year.


Anonymous said...

another pointless "public process" coming this December with a community meeting to examine alternatives?

Anonymous said...

Yay, option D was my favorite. I WON!

Anonymous said...

I predict 8 years before breaking ground.

Also, can the power lines be buried? That would really improve the aesthetics.

Anonymous said...

Yay from me too. By far the best plan.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that this goes right through the fabulous Joe Sacco's garage. Is he on board with this, as in being a ready and willing seller? Also, there must be gas storage tanks buried there from when this was a full service station. Sounds like an expensive proposition. Is it dependent on State funding?

Larry Kelley said...

Storage tanks are gone, property is clean, negotiations are probably ongoing. Grants are always good.

Thomas Williams said...

Are they kidding? Has no one looked at the backups at 4 to 6 pm? This is a waste of time and money as it doesn't fix the real problem

Anonymous said...

Roundabout would work well in this situation. The one on campus ended the long backup every morning on North Pleasant St.

Anonymous said...

You have agreement here: a mini-roundabout there, like the one at Eastman and N. Pleasant, or even simpler (without all the fancy faux-brick pavers and curbing), would handle that intersection well.


Anonymous said...

WHy fix what isn't broken? How many accidents do APD and AFD respond to there annually? Upset because of traffic? Ever try heading east on 9 during rush hours? South East and College lights are frequently backed up to South Whitney. ..THAT is traffic. Not four deep at an intersection.ooooh such problems.

Anonymous said...

It is broken, 1:52.

It's not 4 deep, it's 20 deep heading east on Meadow St. from 5:00 to 6:00 P.M., easily 10 minutes or more.

And 10 cars deep heading southbound on Montague Rd. from 7:45 until 10:00 A.M., easily 5 minutes wait.

"People" already cut through the gas station from Montague Rd. to Sunderland Rd. to cut the line waiting to turn left up the hill at the Y.

And since the Mill St. Bridge has been closed (much to the benefit of adjacent, recently rebuilt "Fallingwater" mansion which now has a dumpster parked IN THE ROAD) there is no other way to get from N. Amherst to center of town.

Remaking these intersections is very important.

Jackie M'Vemba said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all. If you're not thankful for anything, or to anyone, then happy Thursday.