Sunday, November 8, 2015

Renewing North Amherst

Pine Street yesterday looking east
Pine Street looking west

With the road rebuilding at Cowls Road and Pine Street all but done, the town will turn its attention to the somewhat trickier task of reworking the main North Amherst intersection of five roads within the blast range of a hand grenade:  North Pleasant, Meadow, Pine, Sunderland Road and Montague Road.
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North Amherst center.  Upper Y intersect of Sunderland & Montague Roads main concern

The Planning Board, Select Board (who has the ultimate authority), and Public Works Committee will host a public forum at the Bangs Community Center on December 8th to discuss the redesign of the Montague and Sunderland Roads intersection.

Even my drone was confused

 Cowls Road connects Montague and Sunderland Roads up from the funky intersection
W.D. Cowls will install sidewalk on their property to complete connection to Montague Road
The Sidewalk ended up on the south side of Cowls Road on W.D. Cowls private property to protect the two stately Norway Spruce trees at 150 Montague Road


Anonymous said...

I miss picking up the biggest sized (planed) timbers in Mass or them sending me a superload, truly a loss of a great resource. Cowls.

Anonymous said...

Ditto - that's why I opened an account with Cowls nearly 25 years ago - too bad that our friend Cinda sold the planing mill equipment to Costa Rica….