Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Party House of the Weekend

Amherst police busted a party house located on Amity Street, a busy road but still a residential neighborhood, near midnight on Friday and all five of them accepted the typical plea deal offered by the prosecution:

Pay the town bylaw ticket fee ($300) and stay out of trouble for the next four months and the charge of "unlawful noise" is dismissed.

 A gaggle of offenders

As the five of them crowded around the front podium Judge Payne asked if they all live together, to which they all responded in the affirmative. 

After hearing the details presented by the prosecution, after all five agreed to the "diversion" from criminal to civil complaint, one of the braver of the five asked Judge Payne if they could have a discount since they were all "full-time college students."

The Judge paused for a moment, then asked again (while they were under oath) if they all lived at the same address.  Again they responded "yes".  So he said, $100 each. 

Thus they got off pretty easy.  Of course the Building Commissioner may have something to say to their landlord about violating the town bylaw restricting a one family house to no more than four unrelated tenants.


Anonymous said...


Hank Hill said...

Not fair in my oppinon, no need to arrest the poor college students just having some fun. Besides the house is in poor condition already. I would just give em a warning.

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry,

Answer me this question, what gives you the right to plaster the names, ages and faces of all of these people on your blog? Everytime these people's names get Google searched for years to come, your unfair and bias blog posts are going to pop up and follow them for quite some time. As I'm sure you're well aware, you're hindering these people's futures and undermining any creditibility they have because of a dumb mistake that was made in college. What would pop up if people dug into your past, Larry? I wonder if a blog such as your's was around when you were a 20-something year old how many times your name and face would be plastered all over it.

Overall, I think that your "website" is a pretty pathetic attempt to try and convince yourself that you accomplished something in life. Did the Washington Post or New York Times not have any open positions when you graduated from college?

In any event, I do believe that everyone needs a hobby. I can see that you have done a pretty good job at keeping yourself busy and drawing attention to yourself all at the same time.

Larry Kelley said...

It's a pretty simple answer young man: what gives me the right is called Public Documents Law.

And if you don't want to see your name on my website, then don't get arrested.

Anonymous said...

In one of my classes, my professor had a 30 minute rant about how Larry Kelley is a wanna-be journalist, ect.

Now I see what he was talking about. This entire blog is laughable. Leave the real press to cover topics like this, Larry.

Larry Kelley said...

Gotta love a Cowardly Anon Nitwit citing an Anon professor.

Only in Amherst -- education capital of the region.