Monday, September 1, 2014

Things That Go Bump In The Night

The car driven by Ailton N. Correia, age 22, was traveling at a good clip down a hill on scenic South East Street and careened off the road hitting a tree immediately in front of a solid brick house.

Many emergency vehicles were on scene

Both occupants were ejected from the vehicle and both were transported to Baystate Critical Care unit in Springfield (rather than a routine transport to Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton).

 Officers take measurements for accident investigation

An Amherst Police officer accompanied the ambulances to Bay State and the driver of the car, Ailton N. Correia, 22 was arrested for driving under the influence.

Car cut a swath through bushes, across lawn, into tree near house
706 South East Street  Still debris on lawn morning after


Anonymous said...

Aside from this crash I drove through Amherst at 10:30 Friday and Sunday night. It was scary to say the least. There were hundreds of kids from Immanuel Luthran to Phillips St in the road, carrying beer cans and urinating everywhere. Too much for pd to control. Why doesn't Musante and Subswammy venture out at that time and see what the problem is. Very scary!

Jim Neill said...

I lived in that house from 1977-1985 and the same accident, almost exactly, happened in 1980 with some guys I was at Amherst High School with.

Jim Neill said...

I lived in that house with my family from 1977 to 1984 and two of my high school friends were in almost the exact same accident in 1980 or so. They both survived but they were badly hurt. Destoyed our car parked in the driveway. It's uncanny how similar this incident is. I can still remember the sound from my bedroom, looking out the window to see our car on the front step, and thinking it was a prank at first.

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry,
Another weekend of disrespectful, unruly and unlawful behavior in our deteriorating neighborhoods, continued strife in our schools, an understaffed fire department, roads falling apart, a Planning Director again caught lying…but Sandy Pooler buys a house intended for for a middle income earner and John Musante (2nd highest paid municipal leader in the state) gets a raise.
The buck never stops, it just gets passed around (circling the drain perhaps).

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:18, you might as well sign your name.

It's too darn easy to figure who you are based on the story about your conspiracy theory in Amherst Bulletin last week and open letter to the select board.

Anonymous said...

The driver a college kid? If not, no one will care… remember, it is in the plan to make the U the source of all the town's problems. Its a classic shell game folks. Amazing, for all the "educated" people in this community you can't figure out shit. WE steal from you quietly and make noise about the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said at 1:18pm

Ha, ha, ha, not easy enough I guess as I've never spoken to the press nor did I write any letters to the select board.

Anonymous said...

Cop goes in the ambulance with the arrestee. Betcha $100