Monday, September 8, 2014

And Looking Pretty

Callery pear, aka Pyrus calleryana

Three new large cedar tree boxes, complete with Callery pear trees, were installed this morning along Main Street from in front of Town Hall up to South Pleasant Street, significantly brightening the heart of downtown Amherst.

 Let's hope they don't obscure UMass football banners

The Business Improvement District paid for the boxes ($500 each) and the town provided the trees and people power to install them.

The hardy ornamental trees blossom in the spring, participate in fall foliage and produce only small, hard fruit that doesn't leave a squishy mess on the sidewalk to attracts bees. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

until some dope pisses in them…or rips em up. just you wait, clock is ticking

Anonymous said...

Waste my money. Sleep on your streets, but waste my money. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry,
Where's any mention of the real story last night?
That was big doo, doo that the SB (chair) stepped in banning free speech (you’re a journalist, you should care) during the public comments portion of SB meetings and designating himself the 'decider' about what subjects will be allowed (or not for at least 2 residents last night) for comment.
I hear a town circling the drain or maybe it just needs a good cleaning (out) of some of its 'leaders'.

Anonymous said...

Bills going to chop them down

Larry Kelley said...

Nah, but he might subject them to aggressive trimming.

Anonymous said...

They're absolutely hideous.

How do decisions like this get made? Why would anyone think we needed big boxes? Just plant the trees in the ground and put the plants around them.

More crapification of the downtown.