Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Blarney

Cian Davoren, age 22

This morning in Eastern Hampshire District Court before Judge Shea, one of the last remaining Blarney Blowout cases (out of 58 arrests) ended in a last minute plea deal just before the Judge was to call in a jury. 

Cian Davoren, age 22, had been arrested March 8 around 1:30 PM (close to peak time for the mayhem).  According to ADA Matt Russo he was one of between 4,000 and 5,000 college aged youth acting out of hand, and refusing to comply with police orders to disperse.

Although in Mr. Davoren's case he approached officers and was giving them grief over his sister getting a dose of pepper spray. 

Apparently chivalry is not dead among UMass students. 

But when you push your case before heavily outnumbered police officers and repeatedly ignore their request to back off, you get arrested -- chivalry or not.

The two charges (rioting and failure to disperse) were merged into one count of "disorderly conduct" and Judge Shea imposed the usual sanctions:  Case continued without a finding for one year, four months probation, $200 "restitution" fine fee to Amherst Police Department, and a letter of apology to APD.

While I have no problem with the resolution of this particular case, coming on the heels of the $160,000 Davis Report, which focused blame on the wrong party, the timing certainly could have been better.


Anonymous said...

The Davis Report proves the point that the police are the problem. Why can't you accept that fact?

Larry Kelley said...

Actually, if you were at the press conference Friday morning (which I'm sure you were not) Mr. Davis seemed to be backpedaling more than a tad.

Anonymous said...

Get a life pal. When I graduate my starting salary will be more than your entire life savings all because of this awesome school. I'm sorry your life is so shitty but stop taking other people down with you.

Larry Kelley said...

Try not to embarrass your alma mater. Again.

Anonymous said...

Hey look Cian, you're on the internet! Your mother would be proud!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:54. The report is an opinion of one man, not proof. In this case, a ridiculous opinion. Richard Marsh.

Anonymous said...

It is cases like this that don't make be upset when I read about A&B on these officers -- they deserve it.