Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"It's Just Sad"

 Town Manager John Musante

John Musante presented his Town Manger Report to his bosses, the Select Board, Monday night and pretty much glossed over the weekend public safety debacle, describing Amherst Fire Department as "busy." 

Which is kind of like saying the Mexican Army kept the defenders of the Alamo "busy."

Of course he fawned over UMass giving us additional money to fund four extra firefighters to staff two ambulances on weekends, which still was not enough to handle the Friday overnight deluge of alcohol induced calls.

To which Select Board member Alisa Brewer responded in a refreshingly direct, Harry Truman sort of way, calling a drunk a drunk:


You've been all wrong all along... said...

Sometimes all it takes

is a good old fashioned

blog-i-fied backhand

to wake up sleeping idiots.

What's that I hear?

(A symphony of grunts?!)


my goodness

it isssss!

-Squeaky Squeaks

p.s. (fill in the friggan blank)

Anonymous said...

unrelated, but wondering why state police in combat fatigues have been "training" at Pelham PD last 2 days. Pelham PD says no comment. can you dig?

Anonymous said...

John Musante is doing an excellent job.

Anonymous said...

He is doing an excellent job of owning whatever tragedy happens with his lack of public safety, not if, but when.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said at 10:22 AM…

An excellent job of what specifically?

Anonymous said...

When a tragedy occurs because of our skimpy public safety staffing, will we as voters know it? Or will it get dutifully glossed over by the agencies involved?

Perhaps we have already had people who were injured, or who didn't reach the hospital in time?

I'm just thinking that the staffing deficiencies may have already taken their toll on public safety in Amherst in ways too subtle for ordinary citizens to identify, but clear enough for public safety employees to recognize. There is probably an interest in our local government in putting the best "stiff upper lip" face on an extremely bad public safety situation.

Larry Kelley said...

Well I can tell you at this exact moment (9:47 PM on a Thursday) Northampton FD ambulance #5 is transporting a patient from Puffton Village to CDH because all our ambulances are busy.