Saturday, September 13, 2014

Say What?

My friends at the Gazette have switched over to Facebook commenting for their online articles, which I of course think is a good thing.  Yes, trolls and cranks thrive under a cloak of anonymity.

But based on a Facebook posting I received in the dead of night (2:00 AM) I'm now not so sure that simply having to identify yourself keeps the discussion civil and prevents namecalling ...

UPDATE (11:15 AM):

So Mr. Geryk has removed his incendiary comment from my highly public Facebook page.  

But no, I'm not going to remove it here.  In Massachusetts you cannot record someone without their knowledge, but if someone calls you up and leaves a message on your voice mail then that is fair game.


These are in response to article about Maria Geryk's $11,000 raise:
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Anonymous said...

The Gazette is still behind a paywall, which means you can't read the articles to comment...unless you subscribe to them. But why do that when they are redundant/covered by other local news sources and available for free?

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me that the spouse of our town's highest paid employee repeatedly makes these types of comments with impunity to both him & her. Of course everyone is entitled to freedom of speech.... but still.

Walter Graff said...

This Facebook thing is sweeping the nation. Every business is being suckered into to this marketing idea of-the-minute. It's a theory that goes nowhere based on the supposition that the more 'likes' you can muster and the more Facebook people you can get to respond to you, the better you can target your audience and create business. Like the useless narcissism of Facebook, it's an idea that they will look back at in ten years and laugh at.

Anonymous said...

Considering how horrible the Amherst school system is and how widespread the indignation around this woman is, I can see why so many people are speaking up. As for her husband, he doesn't want to lose the gravy train. It's nice being taken care of. Mostly women live this life in our society so why not a man too.

Anonymous said...

and calling people vulgar slang names protects his "gravy train"?

Anonymous said...

The Palin family gets into huge brawl at a party with the former Vice Presidential candidate heard to shout obscenities and "do you know who I am?".

Meanwhile in Amherst.....

Civility begins at home?

Life is truly stranger than fiction. Amazing.

Larry Kelley said...

Now don't go making Kurt mad ...

You wouldn't like him when he's angry(or whatever that quote was the Incredible Hulk used).

Anonymous said...

Not the first time Kurt has lashed out, probably wont be the last. Classy.

Anonymous said...

Eloquently the person that calls people cowards and nitwits. I guess you didn't study irony in your English class.

Anonymous said...

Did he just say "twat"?

At a time when our schools have virtually criminalized the use of certain words?

I think some marital communication is in order.

Larry Kelley said...

Actually ANON 10:10 AM, I only call Cowardly Anon Nitwits CAN's.

You know, folks like YOU.

I guess you didn't study hypocrisy when you were in school.

Anonymous said...

Jane Austen married Duck Dynasty.

Anonymous said...

Those of us not making $158K should take heart.

Apparently, money doesn't buy happiness.

Anonymous said...

Anonymity was good enough for the authors of the Federalist Papers so it's good enough for me. It's an American tradition.

Larry Kelley said...

Yeah well, I've read the Federalist Papers; and you're no Federalist Papers!

Anonymous said...

Your rapier wit knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

I see Mr. Geryk's offensive comment has now been removed from facebook: "My wife asked me to remove the comment I left earlier, so I did out of respect for her wishes."

this helps, but of course, it's still out there.

Anonymous said...

Maria: Kurt, you go on my computer right now and take down what you said. You are making me look like a fool. Go take it down or I will not let you use the credit card anymore.

Kurt: Yes, Maria

Maria: Did you fold the laundry?

Kurt: Yes, Maria

Maria: I'm going to check the sock draw. You better have matched the socks properly.

Kurt: I made sure I did.

Maria: Well I'm still checking anyway.

Kurt: Yes, ma'am

Maria: Where's the ice tea you were supposed to bring me?

Anonymous said...

I've been convinced that my self-expression online making fun of criticizing the usual and tiny handful of town-owned idiots and nationwide CANS could potentially diminish the excellent level of education the kids here in town are receiving, so I won't comment anymore after this. It is about the kids after all and not me. I'm going to respect my wife's request, she is the socially intelligent one after all, and she's the one who has to do all the heavy lifting. It will be hard, because it has been a simple outlet for my thoughts and feelings and a huge source of entertainment for me for a while now. I will probably be taking up collage.

By the way, "twat" is a British English term that is "a derogatory insult, a pejorative meaning a fool, a stronger alternative to the word twit – 'He can be a complete twat' (often used in the UK.)" But I should not have expected any of Larry's ignorant online cowardly anonymous disciples (count 'em) to know that.

Larry, thank you for having allowed me space on your forum to be myself.

Sayonara, CANS!

kurt geryk said...

That last comment was mine.

Anonymous said...

First definition of "twat" in the Oxford English Dictionary: "A woman's genitals"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone was given a big "time out."

Like dumping lives into a landfill said...

Aw Kurt, come on man.

No hard feelings, right?

I mean, when your wife's 100K/yr H.R. director marched ~me~ out the south end doors, she didn't even wish me good luck. Shit, even the severance pay was a slap in my god damned face(Yeah Mazur, I needed that to eat).

But whatever,

it's all in the past now, right?

So therefor my friend, let me

wish you ~good luck~



and the rest of'em

are gonna friggan need it.

-Squeaky Squeaks

p.s. Hey, have you seen Bobby Detweiler? Christ, it's like the guy never even existed...

Nina Koch said...

all in the past, Squeaky?

You bring it up every day. And it's been something like ten years, right?

Maria wasn't the super when it happened. She doesn't even know who you are. Why don't you make an appointment with her and tell her everything you know about the maintenance department?

Anonymous said...

Kurt is in his Star Wars pajammies and he needs to brush his teeth before bed. It's late Kurt and mommies gonna tuck you in and read you a story before bed.

Kurt gave her an inch, and she became the ruler.

Kurt feels right at home at the horse races, where it's nag, nag, nag.

For "marital status", Kurt always puts "beneath wife".

Kurt's wife once came to him on bended knees; she begged him to come out from under the bed.

Marriage was like a midnight phone call for Kurt. First there was a ring. Then he woke up.

Rim shot'

Anonymous said...

God, about time!!!

Anonymous said...

God bless whomever it was that fired Squeaky. It is obvious from his comments that he is nothing more than a creepy sociopath that has no place anywhere near our public schools.

Anonymous said...


Why would you subject yourself to being on-line? For the sake of your wife, is this really a place you want to be?

Anonymous said...

Who let Squeaky near our kids in the first place?

Come, cry upon my shoulder said...

"God bless whomever it was that fired Squeaky. It is obvious from his comments that he is nothing more than a creepy sociopath that has no place anywhere near our public schools."


and allllllll the rest of em,


Yes yes yesss, everything

in a days work.

Close the door,

collect the check.

Scrub your dirty hands clean

of any responsibility.




-Squeaky Squeaks

p.s. Sociopath? I'm touched.

Anonymous said...

Am I correct in thinking this is the first year Amherst schools have had an Assistant Superintendent?

Shouldn't the two salaries be taken into account in determining costs?

Since an assistant has been added- why the salary increase?

BTW- Does the Superintendent Intern get paid too?

Anonymous said...


So long for now. I guess this gives you more time to hang with your buddy Phil. Enjoy the fresh air.

You were SO wrong said...

"...more than a creepy sociopath that has no place anywhere near our public schools."

Is thaaaat right?

Um, correct me if I'm wrong

but wasn't this also the reason

for trespassing Larry?

No no, you maggots implied he was

a pedophile. Where I come from

they call that "gutter tactics".

But wait, then there's this guy.

Remember him?

Is Mr. Gelinas

some kind of a sociopath as well?

Standing up against fascists

who silence people ~with force~!

Now, do you see anyone you know

on that committee?

Look hard, ~real~ hard,

at their faces

and then your own.

Do you see a pattern?

-Squeaky Squeaks

p.s. When-are-you-going-to-stop?

Anonymous said...

Look hard, ~real~ hard,

at the commenters in the screenshot

of Larry's Facebook page.

Do you see Squeaky's

real name there?