Monday, September 29, 2014

"Clearly Has Issues ... "

Attorney John W. Drake (left) Nikolai R James (right) appear before Judge Michael Mulcahy

Nikolai R. James, age 21 (who lives with his Grandfather in Leverett), appeared this afternoon in Eastern Hampshire District Court for the serious charges of Assault & Battery on two Amherst police officers, both of whom suffered broken fingers in the process.

The prosecution requested Judge Mulcahy revoke his bail from a previous case of domestic abuse he was charged with only last week in Orange District Court.   And on the two current counts brought by the Amherst Police Department, the Commonwealth requested bail of $2,500 per count or $5,000 total.

 Greenfield Recorder District Court Logs (9/29/14)

The prosecutor told the Judge Nikolai James first drew attention to himself near Hobart Lane and North Pleasant Street around 2:30 PM Saturday by jumping up and down while grabbing his groin with one hand while the other hand was holding a bottle of champagne.

The officer pulled his cruiser over and when he approached him, James shouted, "Fuck you, I'm just drinking from my open container." He then raised the bottle over his head in a threatening manner.

The officer grabbed his hand and a struggle ensued.  James managed to break free and sprinted away from the officer, who only then noticed his throbbing finger, which turned out to be broken.

Later Saturday night at 8:41 PM on Triangle Street near town center another officer spotted James, who still had a bottle in his hand.  Again Mr. James ran, only this time he fell, rolled onto his back and when the officer was reaching for him he kicked upward with both feet.

The kick landed, breaking two fingers.  James was wearing work boots at the time.

The Public Defender told the Judge his client, "has long term psych issues.  He was at the Cooley Dickinson Hospital for a month this past summer and has been diagnosed with schizophrenia disorder."

Judge Mulcahey agreed with the prosecution about revoking bail from the recent Orange Court case, but set bail at $750 for each APD assault count, or $1,500 total.  The Judge also set up a "competency hearing" to be held before Mr. James goes to trial next month.


Note to readers:  Yes, both officers were named in court proceedings but I will not publish them because even though they are police they were still victims.


Anonymous said...

Must pay legal counsel fee of $150.00 or 8 hours of community service

A criminal is offered the opportunity to work for $18.75 an hour, meanwhile law abiding public and private employees all over town make at or near $11.00 minimum wage.

Larry Kelley said...

I noticed that as well. Could be a typo.

In Eastern Hampshire District Court they use $10/hour for community service remuneration.

Anonymous said...

I believe severe schizophrenia comes out at this age, I'm no professional. This guy is scary and needs intense treatment, and a secure facility..

Larry Kelley said...

His picture is worth a 1,000 words.

Dr. Ed said...

I will credit the Amherst Police here -- he has no broken bones. I think that the APD deserves a hell of a lot of credit and commendations for that, because what often happens when a perp injures officers is that the perp trips & falls or something.

Anonymous said...

I hope this guy gets the help he needs.

Larry Kelley said...


Anonymous said...

"I hope this guy gets the help he needs."

I do too, during a long prison sentence. Richard Marsh

Anonymous said...

C'mon people! This is Amherst! This is the happy valley! He'll be out within weeks and back on the streets, guarenteed! The state doesn't have any long term facilities or the money to be able to remotely try to rehabilitate this guy. The town of Amherst could care less either. This town welcomes all of the wackos with open arms!

keithw said...

He seems more like Bridgewater material. He'll need to assault a few more people first and then perhaps attempt to garrote a complete stranger from behind inside Rao's
(True story) before he gets sent there.

Dr. Ed said...

Keithw -- Bridgewater is NOT a hospital, name notwithstanding, it's a medium security prison and not the secure treatment facility that the name implies.

While you and I may disagree on involuntary psych commitments in most cases, this is a case where we perhaps ought to try treatment, shouldn't we?

keithw said...

I'm very much aware of what Bridgewater State Hospital is. And unfortunately, as I had mentioned, he'd likely have to commit additional and more serious crimes before becoming a good candidate for that particular institution. He will, however, continue hurting people and offending as long as he's walking the streets--and he'll blend right in with all of the umass revelry and craziness. At least his diagnosis is a matter of public record at this point.

Larry, I'll go out on a limb and predict you'll be reporting about another incident from this character prior to his trial date next month.

Larry Kelley said...

Methinks you're correct.

Dr. Ed said...

"Larry, I'll go out on a limb and predict you'll be reporting about another incident from this character prior to his trial date next month."

In Maine, he'd screw with the wrong person and be DEAD. It would be considered self defense, which is what it would be, and as long as it was that, there would be no further discussion.

If what happened at Raos were to happen at, say, The Sterling (a lounge/bar/etc in Dexter, ME), the perp would have been dead before the cops got there. They'd cart off the body, take statements, and that'd be the end of it.

Needless to say, these kind of problems don't happen in Maine.

Anonymous said...

He still has time to apply to teach at any of the schools though. In fact after he goes to jail he can still apply too. I think they look kindly on criminals in the school system in Amherst.

Tom said...

I was, ahem, a guest of the county this weekend and was in the cell next to this guy, where I heard a much different version of events. Reading this, I tend to believe the police version, although the jailhouse tale was more colorful. It also involved the use of LSD, which may be true and would explain some things. Keep up your good work, Larry.

Larry Kelley said...

Thanks Tom. Sorry to hear about your recent problems.

Glad to hear they are willing to work with you.

They damn well better considering how easy they are with most of the other folks, this kid included.