Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MADD About You

 APD:  Police Department of the Month

Thank God for Mothers Against Drunk Driving -- the voice of moral outrage over a scourge that kills far too many innocent Americans every year.

And thank God for the men and women of the Amherst Police Department who somehow manage to find the time to get many of these potential killers off our roads.

In a noon ceremony today at the Amherst Police Station, Chief Scott Livingstone accepted the "Police Department of the month" award from MADD and cited the dedication to duty exhibited by his personnel in the face of stressful working conditions.

 Town Manager John Musante was on hand to express how proud he was of the department


jaf bm said...

Which god?

Larry Kelley said...

The good one.

Anonymous said...

Is that John Musante sporting his Star Trek official crew shirt?

Larry Kelley said...

At least it wasn't a red shirt.

Anonymous said...

No, red shirt is engineering department. Grey is warn by security so rather appropriate. Doesn't seem to be wearing his phaser or communicator though.

Anonymous said...

As the captain if the town it should be green or yellow. Beam him up.