Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On The Ground Again

Robert Auffinger taken into protective custody by APD Wednesday 5:30 PM

On Monday morning in Eastern Hampshire District Court Robert Auffinger, age 35, told Judge John Payne that the half full glass jar he was carrying on Main Street near the VFW contained only "fruit juice".

The Judge rolled his eyes saying he had a hard time believing that, and even the Assistant District Attorney had trouble keeping a straight face.

But Auffinger insisted, saying he would be "crazy to walk around Amherst with alcohol."

The Judge reduced his fine from $300 to $100 and allowed him to do "community service" instead of cash.

Of course, considering how often he ties up our first responders he would do Amherst an even greater community service: by leaving.

 AFD had to check him out before he was taken into protective custody

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Anonymous said...

This town is anything but boring.