Tuesday, September 2, 2014

And So It Begins ...

This Frathouse sign raised a few eyebrows from parents (and generated a few calls to APD)

Yeah, I know a bit of a cliched headline.  But the two most common refrains to my live tweeting and Facebooking the festivities over this l-o-n-g weekend was that line along with, "They're baaaaaaack."

Northwestern District Attorney Dave Sullivan was in Court this morning.  Message to students:  "Respect your neighbors, respect yourself."

I even heard both those comments in the halls of Eastern Hampshire District Court this morning, where proceedings were delayed by 20 minutes in order to properly process the paperwork from 20 Amherst police arrests.

Yes, almost all of the arrests were alcohol related and almost all of those involved Umass students.

As usual the District Court used the "diversion" program (converting infractions from criminal to civil) to more efficiently handle the caseload.  For "open container" infractions the perps will pay $300 town bylaw fine, $100 in court costs, take the Brains at Risk alcohol education program at UMass, and be on probation for four months.

For the "minor in possession:" $100 court costs, Brains at Risk program and four months probation.

 Junior Meach stands before Judge Payne for DUI.  Case continued to 10/23

Surprisingly there was only one Driving Under the Influence arrest, Junior Meech, but that doesn't include the driver in the somewhat spectacular accident on South East Street last night, because he has not yet been processed.

 DUI incident 706 South East Street last night. PD arrested Ailton Correia, 22

UMPD had only one arrest compared to APDs twenty, so maybe UMass/Amherst scientists have developed a good behavior force field that encapsulates the sprawling campus.

Phillips Street was almost impassable Sunday night around midnight


Anonymous said...

The frat sign is idiotic. Hopefully they'll regret the decision by the time they send their own daughters to college(assuming these guys find anyone interested in having children with them).

Anonymous said...

That frat house should be suspended and closed for at least a semester. Larry, do you know if the Gazette or similar has or will post that photo and the fraternity?

Anonymous said...

Sure it's idiotic. These are college kids so they aren't exactly thinking strait. But close down the frat house? Come on people. No one is getting hurt and a lesson is slowly being learned. Sad that the word has become a file cabinet of political correctness.

Anonymous said...

As long as we recognize that making them take down that sign is 10000x worse than putting it up.

It does not hurt anyone and if a parent has raised a daughter stupid enough to look for love in one of those houses, well.....

Not a police issue, couldn't you end getting in trouble for calling that in, wasting the fine officers' time, distracting them from community issues.

Anonymous said...

Larry it may also be nice to show pics that represent people in the valley having good jobs, locals being all snobby in the committees for everything and the endless financial resources for the public sector locally. All of these things are spawn out of the students and their parents money too....the myth that they are buying opportunity, when in reality they are just buying our community for us. There is a pretty big upside, Amherst looks very different than Turners.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back...


AMHERST, Mass. (WGGB) — Amherst Police had a busy weekend as they responded to hundreds of service calls.

Amherst Police Lt. Ronald Young says that their department received nearly 400 calls over the Labor Day weekend.

Those calls included reports of fights, disturbances, burglaries, assaults, damaged property, and suspicious acts.

Young adds that 39 people were charged for various crimes by arrest or a summons.

In one incident Saturday night, Young explains that a man and woman reported being shot by an air rifle while walking on College Street.

Investigators believe that a dark-colored SUV, that was seen fleeing eastbound on College Street, was involved in the incident.


Anonymous said...

2:51 and 4:07..... You are morons. You should be dropped off for an ass kicking. Unless you are 20 too in which case you can't help your moronic self.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anon 2:02 / 6:36 should go outside and yell at some clouds? ;)

Sometimes a sign is just a sign, and sometimes a joke is just a joke. It might not be type of joke you appreciate, but what happened to “live and let live”? Please don’t tell me Amherst police should be policing humor now too, in addition to those 400 calls they received this weekend... Not everybody will share the same sense of humor—à chacun son goût!

Larry Kelley said...

Dispatch did say to the officers in the field, "I'm not sure if you can do anything about this ..."

I had a journo friend give me a heads up via Facebook so I drove out there around 5:00 PM, but the sign was gone.

Anonymous said...

The fine locals of Amherst, condoning restricting speech and beating folks up for speaking or supporting those that do??

I wonder if these attitude has anything to do with the local schools being over-funded and on constant lock-down.

citizen sane said...

The house with the offensive sign is not a frat house and has no affiliation with UMass. Neither the police nor UMass can make the idiots take it down.

Anonymous said...

FYI, that's not a Fraternity house, it's a club sport house. That kinda sign has been around for decades. Not original debauchary, probably did it for a cheap laugh.