Monday, September 1, 2014

A Day To Remember

Downtown Amherst Labor Day morn

Considering how arduous was the struggle to bring about sane regulations to protect the rights, health and safety of everyday workers, Labor Day is indeed something to remember.   And to celebrate, even though it should be tinged with reverence and respect for those who died in the endeavor.

Labor Day is one of only six days the Amherst Select Board allowed on the list of holidays worth remembering with commemorative flags in the downtown, at their infamous September 10, 2001 run-of-the-mill Monday night meeting.

Amazingly 9/11 is still not on the list.  Well at least not on the "annual" list.  The town grudgingly allows the commemorative flags to fly on 9/11 every five years on "milestone anniversaries," with the next one not until 2016.

How many of the almost 3,000 Americans murdered that morning were everyday working folks going about their daily work routine?

Between police, fire and military a day probably does not go by without someone dying in the line of duty.  That awful morning we lost 343 firefighters, 60 police officers, 55 military personnel, 15 EMTs and 3 court officers.

But the vast majority of casualties were just civilian workers both blue and white collar.

Slaughtered in cold blood on a Tuesday morning that deserved to be in the record books, but for a different reason:  A stunningly crystal clear blue sky, one of those majestic dying days of summer, which started off without a care in the world ...

If the town can annually fly the commemorative flags on Labor Day, and even more somber days like Memorial Day,  the worst attack on American soil in our entire history certainly merits the same level of respect.

A deserving protocol paid for in the most pernicious currency possible:  the vaporized blood of thousands of innocent Americans.


Walter Graff said...

If any day, Labor day needs to be respected. It is far more than a day to respect the hard work of American labor. History forgets the true story of labor day where President Cleveland sent federal troops to Chicago to crush the Pullman strike. Sadly dozens of unhappy labor's where shot and stabbed to death by US military troops.

Innocent lives were lost on 9/11 which was an attack in response to the US involvement in Israel, just as the first attack was, but Labor day was Americans fighting for a dream who were killed by Americans, even worse.

With the state of world affairs, one has to wonder how many more days of tribute will be upon us after inevitable attacks on this country and its citizens by religious extremists.

Larry Kelley said...

"Those who cannot remember the past ... "

Steve Akalis said...

Here here. The American flag should fly proudly everyday. Mine never comes down only to be replaced because of damage. But a new one is usually on hand right away. Proud to be an American and a Union Electrician again with IBEW Local 7

Anonymous said...

Hope that flag is lit at night as required by the flag code.

Larry Kelley said...

Well, they are attached to light poles.

Anonymous said...

The American flag also flies in Amherst everyday, Steve.

Dr. Ed said...

Hope that flag is lit at night as required by the flag code

That's not required in wartime.

Anonymous said...

"That's not required in wartime."


You'd be incorrect once again.