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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Party Chill

To any of my longtime readers this official "Party Smart" report will come as no surprise, since my Party House of the Weekend installments over the past two years have slowed so dramatically I should rename it Party House of the (every other) Month.

And since my monthly page views continue to be as high as ever the P.T. Barnum in me couldn't care less.

But the crusading journalist in me is overjoyed.

Ironically the Select Board gets this presentation on Monday night, the first day of classes at UMass.   They will also be discussing recreational marijuana.

No doubt the Select Board will be considering ways to both limit and slow down the establishment of recreational pot retailers in town.

Too bad because if we could get the college aged youth to switch from alcohol to pot the rowdy party house or Blarney Blowout type episodes will diminish even more. 

Either way, the town and University are winning the war on rowdyism. I'll drink, err, smoke to that!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Targeting The BIG Ones

Townehouse Apartments East Quad 4:30 PM Saturday 10/30/16

Townehouse Apartments East Quad 4:00 PM 4/24/16

If the Campus & Community Coalition has anything to say about it l-a-r-g-e rowdy outdoor parties will go the way of the party houses that plagued our neighborhoods for too many years: silent.

Connie Kruger told fellow Select Board members at their last meeting because the town's Rental Permit Bylaw and a some zoning tweaks have dramatically reduced individual party houses the CCC will be focusing more on preventing the large day drinks that formerly seemed to occur only once a season but lately seem to occur any nice weekend in spring and fall.

 Hobart Lane 3:30 PM Saturday 4/30/16
 Townehouse west quad 4:45 PM 4/23/16

One of the weapons they have always had at their disposal but never used is the ability to fine not just the tenants responsible for hosting the large party but the owner of the property as well.

 Click to enlarge/read

Once landlord's start getting hit with $300 fines they may figure out a way of reining in their tenants -- even if it means eviction.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Party House of the Weekend

35 Tamarack Drive

Fortunately it has been a while since we had one of these.

The new "Off Campus Party Registration" joint program between UMass and APD has been very successful, but obviously it's the party hardy nitwits who don't bother to register their events and don't respond to police when they come knocking on the front door who need an attitude adjustment.

 Leonard Schwartz, age 24, arraigned before Judge Estes

Click to enlarge/read

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday Mr. Schwartz showed a little more cooperation with the DA's office than he did with APD and took a plea deal where he will pay the town's $300 nuisance ordinance and promised to be a good boy over the next four months.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Party House of the Weekend

Last weekend was a throwback to the bad old days of three or four years ago when the classic party house -- single family student rentals owned by absentee landlords -- reared their noisy heads.


 Click to enlarge/read

The town has been investigating 26 Allen Street for many, many months now as a suspected frat house and incidents like this only add to the evidence.

And 80 West Street was only purchased by Jamie Cherewatti two years ago and this is the second time it has made Party House of the Weekend (with some of the same perps).

 Picard (obviously not the Captain)

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday the Commonwealth originally was going to place each perp on "supervised probation" for four months with a $50/month supervision cost (paid to the Court) but the Probation officer told Judge Estes its never been done that way before.


So they switched back to the usual way of handling these by converting the criminal charge to civil with payment of a $300 fine.  They are still on (unsupervised) probation for four months.


After all eight were dealt with the Judge even mentioned that it generated over $2,000 for the town.  I felt like interjecting, "And the taxpayers of Amherst thank you."

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Party House of the Weekend

Just because UMass is no longer in session doesn't mean neighboorhoods are quiet as graveyards on weekends.  Although interestingly enough this past semester has been the quietest one in years.

 Click to enlarge/read

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday all three perps accepted the Commonwealth's standard deal:  Criminal issue is converted to civil with payment of the town bylaw $300 fine and four months probation.
 Steven McG

And since APD informs UMass of these matters there could be academic sanctions as well.

Jarrad P
Reed G

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Party House of the Weekend

902 East Pleasant Street
Click to enlarge/read

Let's hope this is the last Party House incident until our beloved college aged youth return in late August, but I doubt it.  High School graduations are coming up ...

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday all four perps had their criminal cases converted to civil and paid the $300 Noise By-Law fine.

The four were arraigned individually before Judge Thomas Estes (minus the kegs on their heads)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Party House of the Weekend

287 Grantwood Drive

In spite of the perfect weather that prompted large outdoor gatherings of alcohol fueled events over the long holiday weekend the individual party house scene was pretty tame, only one.  Although APD had a total of 20 arraignments in Eastern Hampshire District Court on Tuesday, mostly alcohol related.

 5 young ladies stand before Judge O'Grady but are not arraigned

Judge O'Grady insisted the Assistant District Attorney deal with all the students who did not have a record prior to arraignment in order to keep their records squeaky clean.  But the deals he made for all five residents who were arrested at 287 Grantwood Drive was the usual plea deal:

Pay the town's $300 Noise Bylaw fine, take the UMass "Brains at Risk" program, and stay out of trouble for the next four months and the original arraignment will not even take place although all of them have to return to District Court on August 19th. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Party House of the Weekend

This party house bust at 24 Summer Street in North Amherst is kind of a throw back to the bad old days in our little college town prior to the Rental Registration and Permit Bylaw.  A few years ago there would have been three or four more events just like this on the same weekend.

Progress is a good thing.

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday all four of the arrested had their cases continued until later this month as the Commonwealth has to confer with the police officers assaulted during the event.

Jensen Gauthier and Bailey Smith (female) stand before Judge Hadley
 Dennis Trujillo

 Mychal Carter

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Party House of the Weekend

In Eastern Hampshire District Court yesterday all five bad boys took the standard deal:  Pay one of the $300 tickets (each) and stay out of trouble for the rest of the semester 

Click to enlarge/read

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Party Apartment of the Weekend

Let's hope these three young men learn to listen to Amherst police the way they probably do their football coach. 

Click to enlarge/read

In Eastern Hampshire District Court yesterday all three took the standard diversion deal offered by the District Attorney's office:  Pay the $300 town noise bylaw fine and stay out of trouble for the rest of the semester.

The 4th individual on the list had charges dropped because his name was not on the lease as a resident of the apartment.

All seven arrests by APD over the long weekend involved alcohol and most of them were UMass students.  UMPD, by contrast, had zero arrests. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Party House of the Weekend

21 Goldenrod Circle
No offense to my New England Patriots loving friends, but I'm pretty sure if our heroes had pulled out a last minute victory the Party House pickings would have been far more ubiquitous.

Thus the first weekend of the spring semester goes down as a relatively quiet one.  Let's hope that continues.  Especially in March.

For the you-know-what weekend.

The Bad Boys appeared before Judge Connolly and they were each assessed a $300 fine with four months probation.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Party House of the Weekend

Considering how nice the weather was on Saturday, and the fact that booze first started flowing at the UMass football tailgate at 9:00 Saturday morning, I'm surprised there were not a few more Party Houses for me to illuminate.

But the fewer the better as far as I'm concerned -- and they are becoming far fewer over the past year or two.

Although with the Patriots now 10-0 the town and UMass should already be planning for a Superbowl eruption should the Patriots win it ... or lose.

Click to enlarge/read
Patel and Parikh both accepted the standard plea deal offered by the state:  pay one of the $300 tickets and stay out of trouble for the next 4 months.  Charges were dropped before arraignment for Bahnam because his name was not on the lease

The hard to miss little yellow house at 219 East Pleasant Street, just barely outside town center, is certainly a frequent flyer when it comes to attracting a police response.

The town's Noise and Nuisance bylaws do allow for fining the landlord $300 after the 3rd offense, but to date the town has not done that.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Party House of the Weekend

Yes this past Halloween weekend has given me plenty of material, sorry to say.

But the good news is two or three years ago this party house would barely have garnered a mention compared to the other three or four that were then part of the normal routine.

 click to enlarge/read 
All 3 underage bad boys paid the $300 fine and will be on probation for 4 months

Things are getting better.  Much better.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Thirsty Thursday Party House

203 Northampton Road (Rt 9)  "Everybody into the pool"

This large out of control party disturbing the Rt. 9  neighborhood  (not already disturbed by the high traffic volumes) last night is probably not a good sign going into Halloween weekend.

This morning in Eastern Hampshire District Court all four "college aged youth" took a standard plea that  diverts from criminal to civil with payment of the $300 town noise bylaw fine.

 All four signed a waiver in order to represent themselves.  And they were out in time for a 11:15 AM class

The other "nuisance house" charge was dropped, although if the bad boys repeat this type of behavior before the end of the semester and end up before Judge Payne, that charge will quickly reappear.  And then some.