Thursday, May 1, 2014

And Another One Gone

 80 West Street, Amherst

Jamie Cherewatti, aka Eagle Crest Management, North Pleasant Street Partners LLC, Railroad Street Partners and perhaps a dozen more LLCs just purchased the home at 80 West Street (Rt 116) for $160,000.

Yes, the house and property is valued at $207,200 so he paid well below that, but the house is a tad distressed.  I live only a few houses away so it's directly on the way to Crocker Farm School, and my kids have dubbed it "the scary house."

But considering the demographic market Mr. Cherewatti caters to, it could become even scarier.

Two months ago Cherewatti purchased a four-unit complex at 310 Belchertown Road, adjacent to his Echo Village Apartments, which he purchased last year for $3 million.  


Dr. Ed said...

If that is the house I think it is, "distressed" is an understatement at best -- I've been inside it.

In Amherst, when a house becomes too decrepit to be rented to poor people (i.e. to pass a Section 8 Inspection) it then gets rented to UMass students, who have to pay up & shut up.

Folks, if you back the UM kids a few times on this sort of stuff -- visibly & publicly; if you use the full resources of the town, and make it clear that you'll do it the "next time" they ask you for help as well -- If you do this, you're going to have some credibility and some respect when you ask them to behave themselves. Enough of them will actually listen to you to change things.

A cute girl saying "don't throw that beer bottle" is going to be far more effective than anything the APD or anyone else could ever do.

Just sayin....

Anonymous said...

Is that a current photo? Yuck- They paid too much!

Larry Kelley said...

Yeah, taken around 2:00 p.m.

Anonymous said...


The good news is that you won't have to go far to get the party house of the week photo's.

Larry Kelley said...

Well the one the Feds raided for drugs last summer was even closer.

And that one is up for sale as well.

Anonymous said...

Babetown is being cleaned up and renovated. (taking awhile)

I never noticed the
graffiti on the foundation before.

Larry Kelley said...

I think Daddy is selling it.

Anonymous said...

Need a party report- North Amherst is active

Thank God nights are cold and my windows are closed because the music is pretty bad!