Monday, May 12, 2014

The Company You Keep

 APD on scene College Street Saturday 4:00 p.m.

While there were somewhat loud graduation parties all over Amherst on Saturday afternoon into the overnight (10 complaints) -- many of them with live entertainment -- Amherst police made no arrests and issued no $300 fines.

These parties were more like traditional family-and-friends ceremonial affairs rather than exclusively "college aged youth" gatherings we've seen and heard all semester, so apparently the presence of older adults tends to keep things from getting out of control.

Perhaps all party houses should be forced to have a grandparent move in after the second noise offense.

No AFD runs at all to UMass for ETOH (alcohol intoxication) students: 


Anonymous said...

Your house doesn't have to be a library. People can have a graduation party or a wedding. A party in the afternoon can make some noise. It's temporary. Now a party at 1:00AM, that's different.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stating the position of so many residents, which has always been a reasonable one. There has been an active attempt to distort that position by certain commenting individuals on this blog.

Dr. Ed said...

I have long advocated for an ordinance that establishes specific dB levels (at the property line) for specific hours on specific days of the week. Such an ordinance is what Anon 8:46 appears to be in favor of -- and far more fair than the current "whatever the neighbors complain about" standard.

Raising the 55 MPH limit to 65 actually lowered the median speed as it allowed cops to go after folks going 90 and not everyone else, I suggest that establishing a "by right" level of noise, and measuring it in decibels and not caring what kind of noise it was would get the responsible UM students complying with it and then the APD could deal with the rest.

Dr. Ed said...

6:30 AM PortaPotty Fire?

That's a new one. I haven't heard of those bursting into flames before.