Thursday, May 15, 2014

ARHS Open For Business

ARHS 8:00 a.m.

Only in Amherst would the routine start of a school morning be considered newsworthy. 

Amherst police were on scene in probably about the same number as TV media as a huge throng of students entered the building just before 10:00 a.m. and just after a brief cheer for the class of 2014.

 Students enter school 9:55 a.m. under Principal Jackson's (far right) watchful eye

Now if we can just get through the rest of the school day without an anonymous note or graffiti left in a bathroom or an old fashioned bomb threat, that would be good. 

Although not overly newsworthy. 


How's it feel? Good? said...

May I say something?


Carry on, chimps.

-Squeaky Squeaks

Anonymous said...

According to the Gazette, "A note, addressed to “MJ,” presumed to be Mark Jackson, saying “We are bringing a gun to school,” and signed “Carolyn Gardner,” was found in the library Wednesday."
My question is:
Why would Ms. Gardner feel the need to bring a gun to school if she already has a bodyguard?

Dr. Ed said...

I believe it is called Dissociative Personalty Disorder -- the old Multiple Personality Disorder -- and I'm convinced that I've actually seen it.

I never really knew which version of the person I would be talking to -- and while I know that CCPH had a different diagnosis, I think they were wrong.

The person would do things and then adamantly deny having done them and I believe that the "sane" version honestly didn't know about having done them.

I can't help but wonder about the possibility -- I emphasize possibility -- that Carolyn Gardner might be writing these herself.

SOMEONE is, and if they can't find anyone else who is doing it, perhaps that is because there isn't anyone else doing it.

NB: I am NEITHER saying that Carolyn Gardner is doing this NOR that she has DPD or anything else! I am only saying that much as the husband is always considered a suspect when his wife is murdered, she ought to be looked at in the same light -- and ruled out.

Nina Koch said...

oh Ed, just shut the fuck up. I usually take the high road on Larry's blog and try to counter you on your factual errors and lack of logic, but I have really had it with your ridiculous and malicious postings.

You want to talk about personality disorders? How about the guy who posted this:

Ed Cutting rants at UMass Dean of Students

This is why you are completely unemployable. Even people who agree with your extremist politics wouldn't want to be around someone with that kind of anger.

And by the way, yes they did identify the original perpetrator from the incident in the fall. It was a student. And they are making progress in the current investigation. So why don't you wait to see how that comes out instead of engaging in baseless, harmful speculation.

Anonymous said...


You must know that dialogue with Ed is an inevitable downward spiral. No matter how reasonable you are, he will simply take you down with him.

Ignoring him is the only way out.

At this point, there is simply no danger that he is influencing anyone.

Anonymous said...


Do what many of us do, and just scroll past ED. You can't get that part of your life back if you read it.

Nina Koch said...

okay, you're right, folks. I am just so discouraged by what happened at school and then I came home and found that crap posted. So I reacted.

Anyway, I have a rough version of my filter working, so I don't even have to scroll!

A tired Dr. Ed said...


There is a standard which I hold myself to in communicating with women and that is the only reason I am not using the adjectives I so so badly want to use to describe you.

It might interest you to know that I have inquiries about Carolyn Gardner -- folks on the national level who have the very same suspicions I do - and I have decided to simply "green light" the all. Oh, and yes, I'm sending a copy of your posting as the reason why.

I'll publicly state here what I am telling them: Nina Koch destroyed my ability to be objective in this matter, I'm out of this.

Nina, If she's such a good teacher, why did she give up tenure in Northampton to become a first-year teacher in Amherst?!?!?!


This is why you are completely unemployable.


May I ask how you define the word "unemployable" -- or if your muddled little brain even defines words? Wouldn't the fact that I'm working full time (and then some) sorta preclude the adjective "unemployable" as, ummm, I am employed....

Oh, and as to Enku Gelaye, she can thank you for the email I am going to send to my lawyer -- tomorrow -- when I calm down.

Oh, and Nina, it actually is libelous to say that I'm unemployable when I'm, ummm, employed; it actually is libelous to state as a definitive that someone has a "personalty disorder" -- which isn't what I wrote about Gardner but *is* what you wrote about me.

Nina, you've convinced me to use the "hoax" word -- This is just like the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case except that no one has been falsely accused yet.

Oh, and one other thing my dear, why would I be "tired" if I was "unemployable"? It wouldn't be because I'd been working would it???

Dr. Ed said...

You know Nina, there is actually a fairly good chance you might be looking at a Congressional subpoena within the next decade as I could conceivably be facing confirmation hearings and of course I have to mention all of this....

I'm not going to lie...

No wall high enough said...


Better double up on the anti depressants then, Ni-ni.

You haven't seen anything yet.

-Squeaky Squeaks

Dr. Ed said...

Three other things:

First, Gazette reports that Carolyn Gardner's colleagues are "shunning her." That would (apparently) include Mary Custard, wouldn't it? And we have Custard's race explicitly identified in a letter to an employee's father, don't we?

So Mary Custard is discriminating against a Black Woman? And those two women are the only two Black employees in the building??? Umm....

Heck, ask Bill Cosby to come in and mentor Gardner -- he'd probably do it -- none of you would likely much enjoy hearing what he has to say, nor I suspect would she, but if Gardner & Custard are the only two Black employees and Custard is shunning Gardner, well -- you do what you gotta do. The man does have a Doctorate in Education...

Second, when I said I "green lighted" people -- they are by no means the people whom I fear will be showing up in Amherst shortly. Those folks I want nothing to do with.

Third, I know Nina will claim she didn't read this -- and I also know that she will read it so I gotta ask -- Nina, who told you that I was "unemployable?"

Did they also tell you that I was pregnant? Seriously, where did the "unemployable" come from?

Anonymous said...

Nina, can you share your impression of what is happening at ARHS to advance the investigation? What happened to the original perpetrator, and how do you know that progress is being made now?

Anonymous said...

meanwhile in GA= A senior prank

Anonymous said...

Ed you're not unemployable, I'm sure you would get paid to be the case study in many physcological studies. Then of course Amherst could use you to clean our over abundance of squirrel shit. Just sayin...

Dr. Ed said...

"Then of course Amherst could use you to clean our over abundance of squirrel shit."

That is a bigoted statement and I'm going to call you on it.

The DPW, MassHighway and other such guys whose job it is to clean up some often rather-disgusting things are human beings too and I'm offended by anyone who considers them less than that.

In terms of importance to society, I think the person who cleans up & disposes of the dead/decomposing squirrel is far more important than the Professor of Women's Studies -- and if you were aware of the public health aspects of dead/decomposing animal carcases laying around, you'd probably agree.

(Hint: Google the word "vector.")

I've seen the main Amherst sewer line clog & overflow-- when you literally have a river of sewerage running across the parking lot, you're really glad to see the guys in the yellow trucks...

And when your furnace doesn't start some cold winter night, or your air conditioner doesn't work some hot summer afternoon, or you hear what sound like gunshots (line fuses blowing) and your entire neighborhood is plunged into darkness -- in the middle of a blizzard -- you are going to have an incredible epiphany.

I don't know if you know this or not, but the top wires on the poles in town are 13,600 volts -- 8,700 volts between any one and ground, an even higher voltage between any two of them (it has to do with how 3-phase power works), and guys are going out and working on them in the rain to get your lights back on. Think about that for a minute....

The guys who do the "dirty jobs" -- and it is mostly guys -- are a hell of a lot more important than you realize.

Let's just take shit -- do you have any idea how slippery it makes a road if allowed to accumulate in any significant quantity? What do you think is going to happen when people riding bicycles start going sideways? Think they are going to have a very good day when they wind up under the axle of a passing truck?

The people you look down on, you schmuck, are really more important than you are.

Dr. Ed said...

"Ed you're not unemployable, I'm sure you would get paid to be the case study in many physcological studies."

Or write a textbook, which is one of the many things I am working on at the time, but I digress.

I am curious -- where is all of this "Ed is unemployable" stuff coming from?

It makes about as much sense as "Ed is pregnant" and while the opinions of those for whom I have no respect are irrelevant to me, I AM intellectually curious as to where all of this is coming from.

I have work to do, so Google the word "enigma" -- that's why I'm asking.

Anonymous said...

Instead of spreading hate and speculation, why not try to do something to bring the community together and help all students instead of contributing to so much divisiveness? Don't we want Amherst to be a better place for everybody? Apparently, some people would rather spread negativity!

Keithw said...

Anon 1:50

I sure hope your directing your comment to the ARHS admin and some of its teachers.

Anonymous said...

A rumor spread through the HS kids that the most recent note also contained a racist threat, and many minority students were afraid to go to school. Where is this coming from?

Larry Kelley said...

Principal Jackson was pretty clear about the content of the note, so the same person who planted it in the first place is probably spreading the rumors.

Anonymous said...

Hint for Ed: A few months ago you inadvertently revealed how much (or more accurately, how little) you earn. It didn't even amount to full-time at minimum wage.

Oh, and why should Nina have all the fun? I want to testify at your commitment-- oops, confirmation hearing too!

Anonymous said...

The new word is "microaggression", making its first appearance in today's Gazette article on ARHS.

Larry Kelley said...

I like it.

A tad too long to use on Twitter, however.

Dr. Ed said...

Hint for Ed: A few months ago you inadvertently revealed how much (or more accurately, how little) you earn. It didn't even amount to full-time at minimum wage.

This is getting better & better. First I am not employed, and now I actually am employed, but at a sub-minimum wage. I don't think so.

There are some things that I refuse payment for doing -- shoveling the sidewalks of elderly widows comes to mind -- but, umm, I'm not working for a sub-minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

Ed now you're stalking elderly women? Boy, you really would be a great case study.

Anonymous said...

We all need to use our own filter and not read or respond to Ed. Ed posts here for the attention he gets and Larry continues to allow him to post for the same reason. WE ALL MUST IGNORE ED. Eventually he will go away.

Anonymous said...

Ed, thank you for being the over educated idiot that you are. You bring such happiness in my life, that I look forward every day to reading your next long winded diatribe about nothing. Then I get to throw a couple of jabs at your nuttiness and watch you go completely bonkers. You sir are the most entertaining fool I have ever had the good fortune to interact with. Seriously, your more fun than any TV show or game. Please don't ever get sane. The old saying is right, laughter is the best medicine.

Dr. Ed said...

Ed now you're stalking elderly women?

This is a new low.

You can attack me for my Conservative Christian values, but I actually live them. I "walk the walk" -- I want to live in a world where people help others, and that means I do so.

Although I do need to thank both Planet UMass and the Brave New People's Republic of Amherst for making me *so* conservative.

WE ALL MUST IGNORE ED. Eventually he will go away.

Give me what I want and I'll go away. Not before....

Oh, and I don't think you can ignore me -- it takes personal discipline to do so, something badly lacking in Amherst.

Dr. Ed said...

"Ed, thank you ...."

You're welcome.

BTW, it's "you're" (you are) and not "your" which has a completely different meaning. You also might want to brush up on your grammar a bit, more than half of your sentences contain at least one serious error. But I digress...

"Her ain't calling we, us don't belong to she."