Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Party House of the Weekend

Not only did they tie up APD, but AFD as well (as did a couple other locations)

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday all four agreed to pay the $300 town bylaw fine fee to settle the matter.


Dr. Ed said...

Seems to me that it would be a heck of a lot easier to have one LEGAL outside fire than to run around all night putting out illegal ones.

Not to mention that I doubt any of these little darlings are worrying about what might be over, beside and even underneath their illegal fires and that could potentially become rather problematic.

Colleges used to have bonfires -- maybe they knew something about psychology that has been forgotten???

Anonymous said...

What happened in front of town hall last night @ 11PM?

(separate from the Merry Maple lit to celebrate Cinco de Mayo Week)

Anonymous said...

Cinco de Mayo "Week"?


Raoul Duke said...

See, this party was even more scandalous than you were able to ascertain.
Everyone in the house was in drag, and there was fake blood everywhere.
It was total debauchery, but you wouldn't know that because all you know about these parties is limited to public information.

Further more, these police reports are not only inaccurate by nature of what was omitted, but also by nature of what is included.

I witnessed first hand the residents cooperating with the police. However, in spite of this fact they were still arrested. This may be a befuddling to someone who wasn't there because it contradicts the official police report. This is not befuddling to me though, because I also witnessed the look of disgust on the responding officers faces when the male residents identified themselves to them while wearing dresses. I also heard them ask with great contempt why they were wearing dresses, before telling them to assist in dispersing the crowd.

What I conclude from what I saw:
-Police responded to a noise complaint
-Residents acknowledged excessive volume level and reacted in accordance with orders of responding officers
-Officers then proceeded to arrest residents for having a drag party.

That is what I saw happen.

and by nature of my first hand experience, my testimony is worth more than anything you can infer from these receipts you collect which contain what would ideally objective, but is inevitably partial, record of the occurrence, as written by the responding officers themselves.

My point here is this:
society will always need individuals who investigate the vulgar testimony of private citizens and the objective testimony of authoritarian forces. This is because both parties have an inevitable priority in their account: justifying their behavior.

This, to me, is the role of the journalist. And these individuals whom are so compelled to carry out this investigation are fundamental to society.

What society doesn't need, however, is crony-journalists like you who condemn private citizens using the testimony of the responding authoritarian forces.
Your investigation purports nothing but a dryly annotated re-framing of public records, which you yourself cannot confirm or deny (case and point: there was no fire truck sent to 31 Shumway st. during this event).

In summation: stop writing and researching about things you haven't experienced because it's counter-productive and- above all- bad journalism