Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Party House of the Weekend

Just because UMass is no longer in session doesn't mean neighboorhoods are quiet as graveyards on weekends.  Although interestingly enough this past semester has been the quietest one in years.

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In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday all three perps accepted the Commonwealth's standard deal:  Criminal issue is converted to civil with payment of the town bylaw $300 fine and four months probation.
 Steven McG

And since APD informs UMass of these matters there could be academic sanctions as well.

Jarrad P
Reed G


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty anal cop. Gotta love summertime when the cops have nuthin' to do but arrest people for noise.

Larry Kelley said...

Police only respond to a called in complaint, in this case from a neighbor.

Anonymous said...

hmmm no last names in the html, only in the picture... not indexable/searchable... new policy?

Larry Kelley said...

On a case by case basis, yes.