Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gothic Renewal

32 North Prospect Street, Amherst town center

It will be interesting to see if the usual NIMBY suspects turn out for the June 30th  Zoning Board of Appeals Special Permit hearing on 32 North Prospect Street, located in a residential neighborhood, but about as close as you can get to being in the actual downtown.

The historic beauty is currently owned by the legendary Hastings family, who founded A.J. Hastings, Inc in town center over 100 years ago.

 A.J. Hastings, Inc  45 South Pleasant Street, town center

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The proposed project would leave the beautiful building intact although doubling occupancy to two dwelling units (currently the house is a "one family" unit); and perhaps more controversial, constructing a new 4,700 square foot two-story structure out back housing an additional four dwelling units.

Thus the town gains an additional five units of badly needed housing within (sleep) walking distance of the downtown business core, which will directly benefit A.J. Hastings, Inc and all our starving restaurants.

And the sacred "Master Plan" that everyone seems to love quoting does call for this exact type of infill. The Design Review Board and Historical Commission have already supported the project.


Anonymous said...

Who owns the home is completely irrelevant.

Larry Kelley said...

Sounds like you will be at the Public Hearing, pitchfork firmly in hand.

Anonymous said...

That won't be the only thing 'in hand.' These peoples' ego need stroking, too.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas why the house is listed as pending sale on zillow?