Thursday, June 2, 2016

Charter Jitters KO Ms. Capriola

Maria Capriola dropped out after being chosen new Town Manager

As I figured the main reason Maria Capriola dropped out at the last minute for relocating to Amherst as our new Town Manager from her current home and position as Assistant Town Manager in Mansfield, Connecticut was Charter Commission related.

Uprooting your family and moving out of state to a job that could be replaced in two years by a Mayor is a pretty big risk. And she doesn't look like the high risk type to me.

In the new Town Manager contract signed last night with Paul Bockelman he is guaranteed six months salary if his job is terminated by a change in government or he can stay on for that last year at full salary but will no longer be the top dog.

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Of course at that point you probably have a new Mayor making less money than Mr. Bockelman, which may strain their relationship a tad.


Anonymous said...

One of the real costs of considering nominal change.

Dr. Ed said...

If she's from Connecticut, which has had some race-related school lawsuits of significance, she well may have been worried about Team Caligula's mess...

Anonymous said...

Already a positive result from the Charter effort. She was way out of her league. And the town potentially saved a boatload of cash by avoiding the severance pay.