Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DUI Dishonor Roll

MADD:  Each day people drive drunk about 300,000 times with only 3,200 arrested

If a police officer gives you friendly advice NOT to drive your car due to alcohol induced impairment you should probably follow that advice. Don't be like Austin Audette.

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Austin Audette, age 20

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday Austin Audette had his case continued to next month and Adam Garand struck a Ch24D plea deal with the Commonwealth.

 Adam Garand, age 45

Cost of a Ch24D disposition plus loss of license 45 days


Rebecca said...

Larry, Larry, Larry.... you mislead us! Those images of the car crashes.... not related to the 2 individuals featured in your blog at all. For shame!

Larry Kelley said...

Only if you're pretty stupid.