Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last Minute Development Tweak

One East Pleasant within close proximity of (5 story) Kendrick Place (top right)

 Carriage shops sold to Archipelago for $4.6 million and will soon be demolished

Archipelago Investments who brought us a bunch of five story places -- Kendrick Place, Boltwood Place, Olympia Place -- have a (sort of) do over Special Permit request going before the Planning Board later next month.

 Boltwood Place, town center
Olympia Place near UMass

Essentially it's only a tweak as they are not asking for any real physical changes in height or coverage for their proposed One East Pleasant Street, but simply a reshuffling of units in the building as well as an increase in green space.

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If Vince O'Connor's zoning article mandating 10% affordable units for any project requiring even the slightest use of a Special Permit had passed Town Meeting last month this current proposal would have been impacted, thereby requiring ten of the 135 units be "affordable."


Anonymous said...

135 units here, a bunch down the street, and no off-street parking?

Should be fun the next time we get a winter with multiple heavy snowstorms, with the second/third coming before the DPW can haul off the snowbanks from the first...

Anonymous said...


Doesn't elimination of 3/4 bedroom units equal elimination of family housing?

Anonymous said...

this is a great project. the carriage shops has been a hang out for drug dealers and drunks for ever.