Friday, October 30, 2015

Thirsty Thursday Party House

203 Northampton Road (Rt 9)  "Everybody into the pool"

This large out of control party disturbing the Rt. 9  neighborhood  (not already disturbed by the high traffic volumes) last night is probably not a good sign going into Halloween weekend.

This morning in Eastern Hampshire District Court all four "college aged youth" took a standard plea that  diverts from criminal to civil with payment of the $300 town noise bylaw fine.

 All four signed a waiver in order to represent themselves.  And they were out in time for a 11:15 AM class

The other "nuisance house" charge was dropped, although if the bad boys repeat this type of behavior before the end of the semester and end up before Judge Payne, that charge will quickly reappear.  And then some.  


Anonymous said...

Is there any way to find out about these parties in advance? Sounds like fun to me. Would I need an invitation, or could I just crash it?

Larry Kelley said...

Safe bet this house will not be hosting a party between now and graduation.

Anonymous said...

Expect a visit, when you are not suspecting one.

Larry Kelley said...

I always expect the unexpected.

Comes from 40+ years of martial arts.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it but it was hardly out of control, and from my sources no one called, they just drove by and saw kids. They also were only allowed 30 seconds to disperse the house / when asked for police assistance were denied. - 50 year old who has lived in the area all my life

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason this is being talked about like a big deal?

From what I read in the post is was a noise violation with some 18+ adults drinking. To pretend that underage drinking is really illegal is a little silly when only 1/1000 occurrences are punished. Actually is it even that many, how many of these minors were arrested for their crime at this crime scene?

It is really silly that we moved adulthood to 21, that is the crime here. Everyone drinks before 21, to pretend this is wrong is actually ironically childish.

"Safe bet this house will not be hosting a party between now and graduation." This is the best part. Why the heck not? Because the police slapped a couple of folks on the wrist. After the police give up their occupation of the home, it does go back to being in the possession of those who live there, chances are they will go on living normal valley lives with parties, learning, good food and fun. I think a tree fell yesterday in Adams and had more of an effect on the community, to put things in proportion.

This post is a little like yelling fire in a theater when there is none. Could get people worked up over nothing.

Larry, how old were you when you had your first drink and who supplied it to you? Did you drink under 21? Did you hang out with friends that did? Is the liquor store or the parents that supplied the booze still in town? Did you turn them in or publicly shame them if so?

Larry Kelley said...

Anon 50-year-old who lived here all your life:

APD never, I repeat never, initiates a noise/party house investigation without first having a "reporting party" from the immediate neighborhood call in a complaint.

Which now makes me doubt the other things you allege.

Anonymous said...

"Expect a visit, when you are not suspecting one."

Seriously? Passive aggressive threats for posting public information on a blog? So ridiculous. And the offenders names weren't even put into "print" for this post! Only viewable via the link in a graphic (aka not indexed for search engines through this site).

Kill the messenger apparently... Idiots