Friday, October 30, 2015

Sunderland Barn Fire

Thick black smoke could be seen for miles

If anyone in Amherst looked out their windows this morning towards the northwest you couldn't help but notice the dense black plume of smoke billowing over the farm fields of Hadley and Sunderland.

A barn, mostly used for storage, had caught fire and despite the best efforts of many, many fire departments (including Amherst) the barn was a total loss.

Fortunately there were no injuries.

The morning after


Anonymous said...

Larry, I saw the smoke from this fire coming down Shelburne Mt. in Greenfield this morning. First thing I said was...what the hell was burning. Good reporting!

Anonymous said...

Right near where the Rusty Nail used to be. That burned down too.

Anonymous said...

Curious about the suspected or known cause. Poor electrical wiring, poor owner maintenance, poor grain MC and storage, arson, etc.

Perhaps it is time for annual random inspections of homes and businesses by fire, police and zoning so this can be avoided. It makes little sense to inspect buildings when they are new and not when they are old! If anything, it should be the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Any explanation for the road closure/ detour on Route 47 in North Hadley that same day (I was heading South towards Hadley at 8AM and Route 47 was closed at Stockbridge Rd)