Saturday, October 17, 2015

Busy, Brisk Saturday In Our College Town

AFD following UMass Marching Band down North Pleasant Street
Sam The Minuteman

Amherst is always busy when our institutes of higher education are in routine session but even more so today with the largest of the three -- UMass -- celebrating homecoming weekend.

McGuirk Stadium attracted thousands of college football fans (although not nearly enough to satisfy the BIG budget cost of a Division 1 program) many of them warming up for the 3:30 PM game with  tailgating that started at 12:30 PM.

 Amherst A Better Chance Fall Foliage 5K walk/run

The Homecoming Parade, lead by the always motivating UMass Marching Band, wound its way through Amherst town center around 10:45 AM not long after the A Better Chance Fall Foliage 5K race kicked off from our main green.

And as usual Amherst Farmers Market attracted the usual crowd to the heart of our downtown.

Amherst For All took advantage of the crowded downtown to collect voter signatures, surpassing the 1,000 mark toward the 3,215 needed

AFD performed a rescue at Bare Mountain on the top of The Notch in deep South Amherst just before noon, although they did not require the Technical Rescue Team to extricate the injured hiker.

 APD & AFD on scene Bare Mountain 11:55 AM

 McGuirk Stadium 2:45 PM

Fearing Street 3:45 PM (heading towards downtown Amherst from the stadium

Funky clouds over UMass McGuirk Stadium 6:00 PM

As usual AFD was also kept busy dealing with students who consumed too much alcohol, aka ETOH:

 Or what Chief Nelson describes as "Not a quiet a weekend".


Anonymous said...

Soon to be time to register your drone.

Larry Kelley said...

And as long as it keeps newbie idiots from doing stupid things, I'm all for it.

JohnSmallberries said...

Ignorant comment re the budget for a Division 1 football team. Have you seen the books? Do you know last year the program was actually profitable, and probably will be this year thanks to giant paydays from playing Penn State (last year) and Notre Dame (this year)? Or do you just post things and hope that nobody calls you on your bs?

Larry Kelley said...

In FY2013 they lost $5,644,099 with conservative projections of losses in FY14 of $6,312,074.

So I have a hard time believing -- especially from someone named "JohnSmallberries"-- that they are now suddenly profitable.