Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pine Street Speeding To Finish (Finally)

Pine Street is east/west connector to North Amherst center and Cushman Village

Thanksgiving will be especially thankful this year for those of you who live in North Amherst and the many of you who travel through there routinely:  Pine Street, the expensive forever project, may now be completed this year rather than next spring. 

Pedestrian crosswalk with lights may be completed this year

The sidewalk and crosswalk contiguous with Simple Gifts Farms and pretty much dead center in the busy roadway was going to be delayed due to crops in the field. 

But this week the project rolled ahead and DPW Chief Guilford Mooring reports, "a rush of activity to be done with Pine Street so the sidewalk at the farm will probably be paved next week, as long as the rain holds off."

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Sidewalk switches sides due to utility poles in the way (too expensive to move)


Anonymous said...

Why did they put all those "islands" in- They have got to be a PITA for plows and are a waste of time and money towards this project.

Anonymous said...

Awful. Those islands are for what??

Anonymous said...

They will sober you up and make you put down your tex phone when you hit them.:)

Anonymous said...

The islands are a form of traffic calming; they're a way to discourage people from speeding. I'm sure we've all done it, and it doesn't make the street any more difficult or unsafe to travel on. If a bus can make it through there, then our cars can handle it just fine.

Anonymous said...

The islands are great and should be replicated elsewhere (MUCH better than speed bumps - they give peds a refuge when crossing). Now improve the lighting and it's a modern street!
Thanks very much DPW and taxpayers for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

The islands suck.