Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ninjas Gone Bad

Stephanos Georgiadis appears before Judge O'Grady

The judicial system is slowly but surely grinding its way to justice in the violent home invasion that somewhat shocked Amherst on October 30th last year.

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I say "somewhat" because it came soon after an even more shocking incident, a handgun murder that occurred at Southpoint apartments on October 15th, which is not all that far from the house that was invaded on South East Street.

Three of the perps have now been apprehended, so it's only a matter of time before the 4th is brought to justice.  Score one for the l-o-n-g arm of the law.

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Anonymous said...

3 out of 4, better than average, even without the 4th. Kudoos.

Anonymous said...

Now here is an example of a waste of a life. Kid had a good job at Umass and was on his way to become a good electrician. SEE YA, enjoy the rest of your life for being an idiot. I hope other kids learn from this and maybe somebody gives him a break too.

Dr. Ed said...

OK, whose children are they -- clearly someone's thumb was on the scale.

Anonymous said...

Ed are you going to compliment the good police work? You pinhead!

Dr. Ed said...

My guess is that once they caught one of these schmucks, they knew who the other three were.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ed but remember how you were screaming cover up?!? Remember when you alluded to the fact that the cops were not talking to the media so something was up? Well, 2 arrested on the murder and 3 on the home invasion…seems to me they were INVESTIGATING.


Keep going APD and nail the 4th