Monday, October 7, 2013

Party House (s) of the Weekend

As you could probably tell from my previous report covering the alcohol soaked Friday night into Saturday morning that overwhelmed our Emergency Medical Response system, the other byproduct of free flowing alcohol-- noise/nuisance -- was also in abundant supply.

Amherst police broke up a party at #17 Salem Place Condominiums early Saturday morning (12:33 AM) arresting three UMass students for both noise and nuisance house Town By Law violations.  The second charge usually results if the party hosts are uncooperative at the front door, or there's a large number of attendees, with some of them underage.

Arrested by Amherst police: Enrico A. Aloi, Kyle A. Crist and John L. Tremblay all of them age 21 and all UMass students.

In Eastern Hampshire District Court this morning all three accepted the plea bargain whereby the criminal charges are switched to a civil charge.  Judge John Payne, Jr. only enforced the $300 noise ticket and reduced the other $300 ticket to zero, even though an Assistant District Attorney had suggested the second charge be $50.

Saturday around midnight police broke up an even larger party at 1008 North Pleasant Street very near the UMass campus and directly across the street from the natorious Hobart Lane.  Five students were arrested, although one (Arian Hashemi-Pour) claimed this morning he was not a resident of the house so the charges could have been thrown out. 

Arrested for noise:  Arian C. Hashemi-Pour, 22  and Sana Jameel, Patricia L. Martin, Nicole Scepkowski and Adriana N. Sobel all of them 21 and UMass students all.

The four actual residents of 1008 North Pleasant Street (all the females) also agreed to the plea bargain with a  $300 fine going to the town and an additional $100 court costs to settle the matter. (Plus the $40 each paid to the court clerk to be released from APD jail).

Police also arrested two female UMass students at 35 Northampton Road (Rt 9) for noise and nuisance house violations just after midnight Saturday into Sunday morning.  Christina Kingdara, 20,  and Allison N. Wolf, 19, both UMass students.

Again Judge Payne nixed the nuisance charge and allowed the plea bargain of $300 to the town and $100 in court costs.

Interestingly all the students arrested by APD for underage drinking and/or open container violations were fined more heavily than Party House perps.  The plea bargain cost them $300 to the town, $100 to the court plus completion of the BASICS program at UMass, which also has a $100 fee.


Anonymous said...

Foreshortened Sense of the Future?

Facing a future with quite dubious employment prospects, incurring many tens of thousands of student loan debt..,,
on a planet careening towards the end of life as we know it...
Wherein Ted Cruz , the Koch Brothers and Antonin Scalia are calling the shots....

one wonders why more college age youths aren't more self-destructive

Just Sayin

Walter Graff said...

Looks like nice places to have a party.

I lived in Salem Place for two years and mostly only one section has rentals, the rest are real condo owners but I slowly saw the tide turning on that as folks moved out. Parties were slowly starting to show their face by the time I left. I'd heard screaming all thorough the night on weekends. When moved in I was told they only allowed 'higher brow' college kids to live there. That was eroding by the time I moved out.

Anonymous said...

Where does Judge Payne live? I suspect far from UMass. 127

Walter Graff said...

Where does Judge Payne live?

Longmeadow where ll the privileged people in the valley live.

Anonymous said...

One person's "judicial independence" is another person's "isolation from reality".

Anonymous said...

we've lived in both Salem place condos and the intersection of South Prospect and Northampton Rd. Ran like hell from both, after realizing that it was party all night, EVERY night, not just weekends. These kids really ought to be spanked.

Anonymous said...

I had lots of fun at this party. The b*tches was cray cray cray