Thursday, October 31, 2013

UMass Riot Aftermath

Umass Southwest concourse just after midnight


So not only did we garner the awful headline in Boston Magazine highlighting our town having more arrests than Boston, now UMass has been awarded the #1 ranking by Barstool Sports, the King of Juvenile, for 2013 "World Series College Riots". 


In Eastern Hampshire District Court this morning 15 UMass students had "not guilty" pleas entered in their behalf by Judge John M. Payne Jr. who asked each individual perp if they planned to hire an attorney.

Most did not know, saying they would have to "ask their parents."  The Judge then strongly hinted they should consult an attorney before they come back to court later in January (and I don't think it's because the Judge is concerned about the defense attorney business).

Yes, once again a tiny minority of of troublemakers brings disrepute on the vast majority of hard working, law abiding students you wouldn't mind having your own kids befriend.  Hard to believe little old Amherst had more arrests than in Boston

AFD extinguished a dumpster fire at Hobart Lane 12:30 AM

Charged by UMPD with "Failure to Disperse",  "Rioting" with a mixture of "Resisting Arrest", 'Disorderly Conduct " or Assault & Battery on an officer" thrown it:

Zachary Orcott, Molly Fitzgerald, John Milligan, Patrick Rogers, Miranda Murphy, Carolyn Malone, Travis Connolly, Nicholas Barry, Lawrence Green, Alexander Booth, Casey Adams, Michael Bertrand, Evan Jacob, Jonathan Ennis, and Justin Markuson.

Nice doggy!

Note full containers of water being hurled about


Anonymous said...

Wow! More arrests than in Boston. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

perhaps the police wannabes of umass might want to take a lesson from a real police force the boston police force…here was their strategy
"The Boston Police has been criticized for being too aggressive with large crowds, but the department has taken precautions to change this reputation such as by no longer carrying intimidating riot gear. Instead, they will keep that equipment in their cars, only to be used if the crowd is out of control.

“We used to put our equipment on and show people we were ready for a fight,” Linskey said. But now, “we want to show that we’re ready for a celebration.”

instead of dressing in riot gear and provoking …they should take the cue of a trained force

Anonymous said...

ya because boston knows better...they are not gonna clog their courts with failure to disperse arrests!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Instead of waiting at the station and then sending a PVTA bus full of officers to campus as the last inning started-

Why weren't they in place - present throughout the game/ throughout the area- enjoying the event with the students?

Paula Barrows said...

Just for the record. UMass police are not wannabes. They are police like any other police. In fact, they are more akin to State Police than town police. Just Saying

Anonymous said...

Umass students have a reputation for throwing crap. You bet your ass the police would wear riot gear!

Anonymous said...

Umass students have a reputation for throwing crap.

Isn't this "profiling"?

Did you know that when Jack Luipold was chief,the UMPD didn't even HVA gas masks? My how fascist we have become.

Anonymous said...

Straw man argument, 5:58.

Anonymous said...

IMO, the police force Umass and APD chooses to show is always too strong and only works to antagonize the crowd. Half the fun people see in these "riots" (I would call them celebrations, as they should be) is to get the chance to have a stand off with the police, although I'm sure the few unfortunate to be arrested aren't having much fun.

99% of the the time, the crowd is just doing mostly harmless stuff like throwing toilette paper around, singing/chanting, or trying to get the crowd to do funny things (like the wave or what not). Hell, even climbing trees isn't hurting much. It's when this huge police force starts trying to intimidate people, the loud sirens come on, and generally ques that a standoff is being started that crowd mentality comes in to effect and the crowd gets rowdy.

Next thing you know you have what could have been a couple hour harmless celebration turn in to a media attention grabbing "riot," giving a mad reputation of the school and students overall.

There is no reason why Umass should have had more arrests than Boston, its just ridiculous. All respect to the police force, I know their just doing they're job, but better policies need to be set up that doesn't elevate these situations in to such a big deal. It's only fueling the party/riot reputation that brings many of the students out to participate in the first place.