Thursday, October 17, 2013

You Can Come Home Again

UMPD units lead the UMass Marching Band up North Pleasant Street  into town center

UMass Amherst -- the flagship of higher education and the town's largest employer -- brought pomp and circumstance to the downtown this afternoon on a picture perfect fall day with an old fashioned homecoming spectacle, a perfect mix of small town parade and energetic pep rally.

UMass Amherst Chancellor Subbaswamy leads a cheer

Chancellor Subbaswamy promised the civic event would become an annual affair. Even better next year, because the Minutemen will actually return home to play three games at newly renovated McGuirk Stadium.  

An excited Football Coach Charley Molnar.  Afterward MC Tony Maroulis said that's his usual state.

Town Manager John Musante tells youthful crowd, "You're always welcome here."
Belly dancers.  My favorite float

UMPD officer on a majestic mount.  My daughter's favorite 
More (workin') horses


Business Improvement District Trolley


Anonymous said...

Great for UMASS but if they could maybe not do that in the middle of rush hour next time that would be spectacular.

Larry Kelley said...

Well it was kind of an outdoor photo op, so you have to be aware of lighting.

Dr. Ed said...

I think that there are at least three different STATES closer than the "homecoming" football game is all that one really needs to know about either Planet UMass or its relationship with its students.

Yep, "Come Home -- To Foxboro"

Do people now understand why I consider Amherst to be a "Red Giant" -- a historical 'has-been' that occupies a lot of space right now but which will soon collapse into dwarf status?

"Come Home to Foxboro" says it all -- and they are saying exactly that in the ads they are running on Facebook.