Tuesday, October 8, 2013

All the King's horses and ...

APD doing Liquor Law enforcement in front of 15 Fearing Street midnight Sat

One of the scarier untold stories from last weekend, barely mentioned in official public documents, involves that hypothetical what could have gone wrong.  In other words, every parents nightmare.

 APD Call log

Amherst police had been called to 15 Fearing Street -- a usual suspect Party House managed by Eagle Crest Properties aka Jamie Cherewatti -- late Saturday night for a large crowd that had gathered and the usual noise associated with such a large gathering.

APD on scene 15 Fearing Street, midnight Saturday

Soon enough they called for back up ... the medical kind.

An ETOH (drunk) young female had fallen down the stairs and suffered a potentially deadly head injury.  Fortunately the call came in at a time when AFD was not completely overwhelmed with ETOH calls and she was quickly transported to the Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

 AFD weekend run report

Had the incident occurred just 24 hours earlier when AFD was overwhelmed with ETOH calls, she may not have been so lucky to get quick transport.

Last November UMass student Sydne Jacoby, having been out drinking with friends, fell and hit her head while walking along Fearing Street.

She died.  


Anonymous said...

Glad she was okay.

UMass sent out an email this a.m. about a 20-year old male student who died over the weekend in his off-campus apartment. No details except his name were shared. Tragic.

Larry Kelley said...

Can you forward that to me? Amherstac@aol.com

Dr. Ed said...

"Managed by" Eagle Crest does not mean "Owned by Eagle Crest."

In some cases, who actually owns the property will surprise you...

Why doesn't Larry walk over to town hall and find out who *does* own it? And who actually owns some of the other problematic Eagle Crest sites. And post the names & addresses of those who actually OWN the properties, not just those who manage them?

And then those aggrieved by what is happening in such venues would have the opportunity to share their concerns directly with the people who own them -- and in more than a few cases, these are going to be persons whom they personally know.

I would definitely tip off the department secretary and promise that YOU, not she, will clean up afterwards, and I'd use the heavy-duty "contractor" bags that HD & Lowes both sell, and I'd double bag just to be safe -- but some Sunday morning when trash is strewn all over & about a specific property, I'd go pick it all up and bag it.

And walk into the faculty meeting on Monday (or whenever) and give it to the owner. Professor A-Hole....

A nice additional touch would be to print out a bunch of large shipping labels (Avery 5163 or 5164) with the owner's name and the property address -- in 20-30 point font - and stick them all over said bags of trash.

If they are both convinced that you will be getting rid of it afterwards, and you were careful enough to bag the stuff securely so it isn't spilling or leaking all over the place, between the secretary & maintainer, at least half the campus will know before noon. Trust me.

Yes, this is a tactic out of psychological warfare, and not something I'd do the first time there was a wild property at the rental property. Likewise, I'd make damn sure that Prof. A-Hole both owned it and still owned it, I'd have copies of the paperwork in my hand.

But do this once -- just once -- and that property won't be a problem anymore. Trust me.

Both Lowes & Home Depot sell a heavy-duty "Contractor" trash bag -- I'd use those and I'd tie off the bag and put a second (maybe third) one around it, package it up good because you don't want it coming apart.

Oh, and yes, this has been done before -- not in this context but in the context of returning litter to the registered owner of the vehicle back when anyone could find out who a plate came back to. Word is that it was quite effective.

Larry Kelley said...

Actually it's owned by "18 Piece Chicopee LLC" which is owned by, wait for it ... wait for it: JAMIE CHEREWATTI.

Dr. Ed said...

A not-widely-known fact of the Amherst property management business is how thin the profit margin is.

Eagle Crest is largely the old Harlow Properties -- when Jean Harlow retired, a woman in her office was somehow related to Jamie C and that is where Eagle Crest came from. MOST of their stuff they don't actually own.

The owners consider their properties "investments" upon which they expect a "return" -- not unlike a CD. The management company finds the tenants, collects the rent, pays the taxes and maintenance from that rent, pays itself from that rent and then sends the rest -- an "excess check" to the owner.

If the excess check isn't large enough to satisfy the owner, they aren't managing that property anymore. It's every bit as ruthless as being a vendor to WalMart, you're told what your price can be and you meet it or you're gone.

The only way you can make any money is to manage as many properties as you possibly can, with as small a staff as you possibly can -- which means that you really aren't "managing" any of them. It goes without saying that you don't put much money into maintenance which was my issue, and it got so bad that I once spent a forenoon watching/coaching someone hang a front door because that was the only way I was ever going to get the damn thing done.

(AFD had broken the old one open when the adjacent unit was on fire and they needed to make sure it hadn't spread into this one. Fine -- but that had been six months earlier and there was a woman with small children living alone and the door wouldn't even latch, let alone lock -- and call me a sexist curmudgeon but I kinda thought it'd be nice if she had the ability to lock her front door...)

I'm not going to say who that was (it wasn't Eagle Crest), but folks, a standard of management that leaves a front door with a chunk missing out of it isn't really going to care about what is happening inside the unit either.

That's why I think fining & arresting tenants is bull-bleep. APD is literally bailing into the wind and those guys have gotta know that by now.

It's like if a water pipe breaks and your cellar starts to flood -- do you solve the problem by trying to bail faster, or do you shut the water off? You have to go after the owners -- nothing will change until you go after the owners. Arrest a couple of them and your problems will end overnight...

Dr. Ed said...

Actually it's owned by "18 Piece Chicopee LLC" which is owned by, wait for it ... wait for it: JAMIE CHEREWATTI

Is it truly "owned by" him, or is he the registered agent? There is a *big* difference between the two! (Larry, you need to take a course in Business Law...)

A LLC (and a RET) is a way of hiding who actually owns a place -- and one of the things I have seen is a dual ownership arrangement where the majority share was owned by a silent partner. Does Jamie really have the money to be buying all this stuff himself, or is he doing it with other people who then leave him to be the front man?

One of the advantages of the LLC is the "Limited Liability' (i.e. the first two words of the name) -- and an example. Let's say I was filthy rich and I wanted to have an athletic club. So Larry and I form a LLC -- I put up most of the money and Larry runs it. And it goes bankrupt -- say someone sues & gets a big judgment against it -- I only loose what I put into it, the rest of my assets can't be touched.

I buy a house in rent it -- and I am sued -- (with exceptions) *all* my assets can be used to satisfy any judgement against me. However, if I buy a house and put it into a LLC, my liability is limited to the value of the house. Everything else I own can't be touched.

Now I'm hinting at something here -- does Jamie personally own these properties, or who really does? If he actually had the money that would be necessary to buy them, why would he be putting up with all the abuse he has to be receiving from everyone, why wouldn't he hire some flunky to do it for him?

The "owners" of an LLC are referred to as "members." Depending on the state, the members can consist of a single individual (one owner), two or more individuals, corporations or other LLCs.

Unlike shareholders in a corporation, LLCs are not taxed as a separate business entity. Instead, all profits and losses are "passed through" the business to each member of the LLC. LLC members report profits and losses on their personal federal tax returns, just like the owners of a partnership would.

See http://www.sba.gov/content/limited-liability-company-llc

Anonymous said...

Corporate Filings




James Cherewatti is "Resident Agent" of 18 PIECE and RAILROAD STREET, and "Manager" of EAGLE CREST.

Property Cards

55 NORTH PLEASANT ST --> Stackers Pub building and Eagle Crest business address; next to McMurphy's, home of Blarney Blowout

53 STAGECOACH RD ---> former residence of James and Erin Cherewatti

15 FOXGLOVE LN --> a quiet cul de sac in Amherst Woods

According to Street List compiled from annual town census, 15 Foxglove is where James and Erin more recently reside.

RAILROAD STREET PARTNERS bought the Stackers building for Eagle Crest to move to from its previous Main St location. Here, nighttime entertainment and apartment rental needs of the target demographic may be served under one roof.

Anonymous said...

For the life of me I cannot figure out why Ed is defending Jamie Cherewatti - the latest irresponsible and heartless landlord to grace the lovely town of Amherst.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because Ed has already dipped into the cooler of Bud light he talked about in a precious post?

Dr. Ed said...

For the life of me I cannot figure out why Ed is defending Jamie Cherewatti

Ed's not.

I'm only trying to strongly hint that being "resident agent" is not the same thing as being sole owner.

It might be worthwhile to see who else has money involved.

Anonymous said...

I'm only trying to strongly hint that being "resident agent" is not the same thing as being sole owner.

Uh, then why didn't you just write, "Being 'resident agent' is not the same thing as being sole owner."? Then maybe everyone would have understood you.

Does it ever feel like you're talking to yourself, ad nauseam?