Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back To Work!

Big ol' excavator operated by skilled laborer at Amherst Middle School tennis courts project this morning

The strike is over and with that 100 or so skilled laborers from the International Union of Operating Engineers Local Union 98 are back on the job.  

And while Union 98 may not have gotten everything they asked for, they did manage to get a raise in pay over the next three years and the formation of a study group to keep entry level job positions that act as a feeder system for the higher paid, more skilled, positions.

As my favorite Journo professor once said on the floor of Amherst Town Meeting.  "A good compromise is one that makes neither side perfectly happy."


Anonymous said...

If a traffic cone is set up on Friday to alert drivers of road conditions, knocked over sometime over the weekend and still lying on its side on Weds with work continuing in the area- Why use one at all???

(E Pleasant St and Cherry St area)

Anonymous said...

We don't have enough firefighters to safely cover our town and you're complaining about a traffic cone? Couldn't stop and stand it up yourself in the 6 days you drove by it?