Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Abstinence in Amherst?

 AFD Central Station

So this has got to be some sort or record -- for recent history at least -- as Amherst Fire Department did not have to taxi a single ETOH (alcohol OD) student to Cooley Dickinson Hospital from any of the three institutes of higher education last weekend.

Bravo!  Although the three credited to the "town of Amherst" could very well have been students living off campus.  Still, either way, a big improvement.

Of course a lot of credit goes to Christopher Columbus and his, sort of, discovering America.  Three day weekends tend to empty the Colleges and University and as a result far less mayhem for our fist responders to deal with.

Monday night around 10:30 PM a Northampton ambulance had to respond to UMass for a young woman vomiting because all three of our ambulances were tied up.  On weekdays AFD only has 7 firefighters on duty and it takes two to staff an ambulance. 

The other bad news is Halloween fast approaches (and it falls on a "Thirsty Thursday).  The good news is Christmas break is not all that far off. 

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Anonymous said...

Socialist Utopias tend to have drinking problems. The old Soviet Union did -- and UMass does.