Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DUI Dishonor Roll

AFD demonstrates extrication at their recent open house

Surprisingly only two DUIs bagged over the weekend in Amherst by APD. 

I say surprising because of all the other alcohol related mayhem that occured.  But the two certainly fit the classic formula:  early in the morning incidents where the drivers impairment was fairly obvious to police.

In the case of Gjergji Progri, age 21, because he hit two other cars on the main drag through UMass/Amherst -- North Pleasant and Mass Ave -- at 3:09 AM early Saturday morning; and Michela Luchetti, age 19, driving at 2:32 AM early Sunday morning on another highly traveled road -- University Drive -- without headlights.

I heard the female officer immediately call for backup even before stopping Luchetti, because according to the officer she was "all over the road."

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday both defendants pled "not guilty" and had their cases continued until next month.  Ms. Luchetti left the courtroom quickly with her exceedingly unhappy looking mother by her side.


Anonymous said...

Did you really just point out that a female officer called for backup when you never add the 'male' adjective when a man is on the job?

Larry Kelley said...

Yes I did.

Women tend to have less upper body strength than men and as a result are at a disadvantage in a physical tussle.

As I clearly stated, the officer spotted the driver right away and knew it was going to be a DUI.

At the time she could not know the driver was a 19-year-old female who was maybe 110 pounds soaking wet.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what the problem is pointing out that it was a female officer...? seemed appropriate, with her being a female and all..

Larry Kelley said...

Yes and in the unlikely event a 200 pound male officer gets beat up by a 110 pound female Perp, I would probably mention that the officer was a 200 pound male.