Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lead By Example?

Amherst Town Hall Certificate of Inspection expires 5/31/13 ...  Oops

One of the major criticisms of the new and desperately needed Amherst Rental Registration Bylaw -- an outgrowth of one of the more successful committees of the past generation, the Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods Working Group -- was the double barrel issue of inspection and enforcement.

 "Timely and effective enforcement"?

After all, you can't have one without the other.

But if the current system can't handle the timely inspection of Amherst Town Hall, our seat of government, how the Hell are they gonna handle the addition of 1,570 rental units?


Anonymous said...

Larry, you don't honestly think that is what the registration was about, do you?!?!

You don't honestly believe that rules in Amherst apply to everyone, do you?!?!?

Larry, I hate to tell you this, but there isn't a tooth fairy, either...

Larry Kelley said...

Come on now, my six-year-old still believes.

Adam Sweet said...

How long does the average Amherst business have to wait while they go through the permit/inspection process?

The new Chinese restaurant in town had to wait almost a year before permits were granted.

Anonymous said...

Now, wait a minute. You must know that the elevator inspection is done by STATE inspectors, right? The local person in charge is obligated to make an appointment with the state inspectors and the state issues the certificate (which might be in a drawer and just not in the holder that you photographed).

However, I agree that the new rental registration requirement is going to be a bear to inspect and enforce.

Anonymous said...

The new registration system has two real goals. Putting up barriers to entry for would be landlords (otherwise known as absentee landlords looking to make a quick buck) and giving specific detail on who to hold responsible and call when tenants are out of control. "Health and Safety" That's a good one.

Oh and the inspection are done by the landlord not the town.