Saturday, August 25, 2012

What A Gas

 Hess Express, West Street, South Amherst

It took almost exactly a month -- but probably their least profitable month of the year anyway -- to switch out the gas tanks and add diesel to the Hess Express, the busiest little convenience store in South Amherst and probably in the top two for all of little old Amherst.

No doubt they will be serving a slew of students and their parents over the next few weeks, only they will have to stick to gas, bread, milk, coffee and lottery tickets as our Select Board recently turned them down unanimously for a beer/wine permit.  

Meanwhile the Snell Street Bridge replacement, the state project  two miles up the road, seems to be moving along.  The new replacement steel superstructure is now on site and certainly fits the motif of Amherst as a "green community."

Snell Street replacement bridge

And what would late August in Amherst be without turkeys?
Family of turkeys in South Amherst


Anonymous said...

The Hess station still has a bit of a problem with customer service.

You ask for help and you get "Who? Me?"

Anonymous said...

I have noticed a turkey/coyote symbiosis. Hardly surprising I guess. But if the turkeys are back in any great numbers it cant be long before the coyotes can be heard again in the wee hours.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I've lived in South Amherst for more than a generation, and have always used that station in its many iterations. Never have I had a problem with service there.

Anonymous said...

Sorta wish the coyotes would come back and polish off a few squirrels. We are being over run by them. Heard there was a longer coyote hunting season last yr and the population was down. Squirrels and woodchucks are thriving. Do people eat coyote often or hunt them for sport?