Friday, August 24, 2012

On The Money

 Town Manager John Musante, Stephanie O'Keeffe Select Board Chair

Although I still think only God should receive a 100% score when being evaluated by mere mortals, figures released today by Comptroller Sonia Aldrich and Finance Director Sandy Pooler indicate why Town Manager John Musante earned a 100% score from his bosses, the elected Select Board, for all things budgetary.

For the fifth straight year the town has shown, on average, an end of the year budget surplus of just over $1 million; and in this year's case in particular, $1,110,254. On a total FY12 budget of $65.6 million coming within 1.7% of projections (to the good side).

In addition two large chunks of money were appropriated and never used for its intended purpose: $426,026 for storm clean up (October 29 Treemageddon) not needed because the state came through with emergency aid to cover that amount, and another $370,000 appropriated to repair Puffer's Pond but only if additional matching state aid came through, and it did not.

Thus an additional $796,026 reverted to Free Cash, bringing the grand total to almost $2 million.

Give that man a cigar.


The Lord Taketh Away said...

Return it to the state.

Anonymous said...

The select board and Musante have been in bed for quite a while. I'd be thrilled if Musante would talk to the average man or woman.

Anonymous said...

and then the town isn't putting enough money into retirement for its current employees so how balanced is that?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the Town put the excess into the retirement account? Makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the surplus could be used to pave one of the hundred or so roads that are riddled with pot holes and patches. Wasn't that supposed to be a priority about a year ago? There are far worse roads than Main St. which is being done.