Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another Miss Emily?

 A mature Emily Dickinson?

Perhaps having only one known daguerreotype of Emily Dickinson has added to her mystery and allure over the years.  Not that she needed that, mind you.  Her poems speak for themselves. As loudly now as ever, even 126 years after she was called back.

Miss Emily, coffee at Rao's 

If my great, great grandfather Tom Kelley, Miss Emily's loyal "domestic", was still around he could give a positive ID one way or the other.   Of course he would also report that there was never anything especially notable about Emily Dickinson's physical wrappings, at least not nearly so compared to what emanated from her core.

Dickinson Homestead Museum, pride of Amherst  (College and the town). Miss Emily's room 2nd floor corner windows facing west&south

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Anonymous said...

Well, very intriguing. This is what makes the Dickinson scholarship so interesting.....all these years later it is still so active. I hope this photo is proved to be authentic, as it will open up even more biographical activity.

But my first reaction is, as the article says......why? It doesn't seem reasonable that after a lifetime of shunning photographs she would sit for a posed image. Additionally, a public display of affection such as having an arm around Anthon, especially for a photo, is most definitely EXTREMELY out of character for Dickinson. Richard.