Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Schools In

A good crowd under perfect blue skies on the Amherst town common tonight

Amherst Regional Public Schools start tomorrow -- except, alas, kinder garden and preschool -- so tonight school officials threw a party for kids and their happy parents on the Amherst town common. Vehicular traffic was heavy as seemingly all roads lead to Amherst, the education capital of the Happy Valley.

State Representative Ellen Story was hard to miss in red skirt

Umass dorms open tomorrow and 4,560 freshmen -- er, I mean -- "first-year class",  will descend on Amherst just in time for the Blue Moon on Friday night. The 46th Annual Community Breakfast was also held this morning with new Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy doing the staged schmooze routine.

Let's hope his act plays better than his predecessor, and he can bring some long-term stability as captain of the state's flagship of higher education.


Tom McBride said...

After I get over the crowds I try to enjoy it. I made the mistake of trying to get through town in a hurry once today, it was hard. But after getting over the traffic, I'll acknowledge I try to appreciate the fever and excitement the students bring to town, if you have go down there. We were all that age once, whether we will acknowledge it or not. But Amherst is where I live and can't do anything about it, so enjoy it. And if school weren't in session there would be much less to blog about.

Anonymous said...

If we celebrate our schools, perhaps no one will examine carefully how well we're doing.

The folks running our schools have learned something from the era of Fox News: if you repeat something enough times, it becomes the truth.

LarryK said...

Oh, I think that predates Fox News. P.T. Barnum perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Fort River busses did not leave school until 3:40 today, about 25 minutest later than usual, due to the traffic mess on Main street and the mega traffic jam caused by same. Took me nearly 15 mintues to go from the center of Amherst to Fort River (a one mile trip). Hope things are better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"The folks running our schools have learned something from the era of Fox News: if you repeat something enough times, it becomes the truth."

They haven't been trying to convince you of anything.

They're simply telling you (repeatedly), they don't care what you think.

Anonymous said...

How many people?

Anonymous said...

They care what I think when the override comes up.

Anonymous said...

Nah, not even then.

Sorry to say but the only thing you will ever be to them is fuel for their narcissism.



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