Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Matter of Respect

Law would not apply to private flags, but Big Y and Amherst College usually follow state protocol

It only takes but a moment to bring an American flag down to half staff ... the solemn respect it demonstrates lasts an eternity.  And since it would be honoring and remembering someone who gave up their life in the performance of their sworn duty to protect and serve the general public, is that really too much to ask?

Massachusetts Senate bill 1573 would require American flags in the Commonwealth (under state control) fly at half staff to commemorate a police officer or firefighter killed in the line of duty.  Hardly controversial -- and sure to pass -- since Governor Patrick has been especially attentive over his tenure with ordering our flags to half staff to honor those brave first responders and military personnel. 

So could we just please fast track the bill to get it passed by 9/11?  No other event in our entire history better symbolizes the dedication, determination and self-sacrifice of first responders quite like that morning.

That awful, awful morning.

AFD 9/11/08


Dr. Ed said...

Speaking of Public Safety, I was impressed with how the UMass Police dealt with that situation in Lincoln Apts this (Sun) afternoon.

Those who know what happened know what I am talking about -- and I have no doubt the entire department has been or will be briefed -- and I was impressed with how it was handled. And hopefully things will work out for the best all around.

Anonymous said...

Your impressed with UMPD for doing their job? It wasn't like it was a big hostage situation or anything... relax Ed... stop making a bigger deal out of it... don't you have anything better to do but stick your nose in?

Dr. Ed said...

Your (sic.) impressed with UMPD for doing their job?

Yes, I am - because I have either personally seen or otherwise had personal knowledge of other situations where they dealt with similar-but-lesser situations very badly.