Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gambling on a Casino

Let the advertising begin ...

So my friends at the Springfield Sunday Republican have already benefited by the (gold) rush to place a gambling casino somewhere in Western Massachusetts, as evidenced by today's full page, multi- color, full press run ad prominently placed -- usually at a 20% premium placement charge -- on page three.

My guess is around $15,000 ... or pocket change compared to the non-refundable $400,000 MGM recently paid the state in order to be a player.

Thus, even if MGM does get the coveted license and Peter Picknelly does not buy the newspaper's land for many, many millions of dollars, The Republican will still benefit by a resort casino in downtown Springfield via advertising revenue.

Providing of course MGM lavishly continues to put their advertising dollars into print as opposed to the Internet, radio, TV, direct mail, billboards, etc.  Hey, maybe they will hire the homeless to hand out leaflets. 

Of course you also have to also factor in the print ad revenue lost from local mom-and-pops driven out of business by the gambling Juggernaut.  Bowling anyone?

The Republican, 1860 Main Street, Springfield


Anonymous said...

These casinos corrupt everyone, including the government.

Anonymous said...

You finally woke up to this issue? Where you been?

Anonymous said...

If casinos are such a great idea, why is Vegas such a shit hole?

Anonymous said...

If casinos are such a great idea, why is Atlantic City such a shit hole?

Casinos are the ultimate declaration of surrender.

What large employer is going to want to locate near to a place in which its workers can then go and blow their paychecks?

Casinos are the ultimate preemptive strike on a local economy.