Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sultry Saturday

War Memorial Pool, 2:15 PM, 92 degrees hot
After being abandoned for four years and then missing two opening deadlines this summer, the War Memorial Pool finally did open on July 8.

But, as scheduled, a couple weeks before Labor Day, it closed ... with no signage now to indicate that (other than a lack of people).


Anonymous said...

It sure was a good day for swimming!

Anonymous said...

not at all surprising. LSSE has done an awful job of marketing the pools and keeping the public informed on the pools hours this summer. The LSSE web site was never updated to reflect the extended open swim hours at the War Memorial Pool and even now the web site still makes mention of using the Middle School pool.

Maybe LSSE will do a better job on this next year.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't hold my breath on LSSE doing a better job. They suck.