Monday, August 20, 2012

Party Houses of the Weekend

41 Hobart Lane, Amherst 

Yeah, already I can use the pleural of Party House.  Not a good sign.

According to the above-the-fold front page story in today's venerable Gazette, UMass is taking a "lighter approach" to controlling student party behavior, using cartoon characters to enlighten them to the pitfalls of over consumption of alcohol.

Umm yeah, almost as good as handing out oatmeal cookies.

My favorite nugget of wisdom they are passing down to freshman from more senior students who presumably learned from their bad experiences is this one:  "Just because you suddenly have access to alcohol doesn't mean you have to consume it all at once."

Take for instance a young woman at 41 Hobart Lane, who was taken into Protective Custody for being ETOH (beyond drunk).

According to APD logs:

"RP reports loud music, partying and drunken shouting 1:33 AM (early Saturday)"

"Young woman observed attempting to urinate in front of residence.  Unable to state which town she was in.  Was observed to have bloodshot, glassy eyes, slurred speech."

The tenant of record at 41 Hobart was cited for violation of the town's noise bylaw ($300 fine).

285 Main Street, Amherst (directly across from Emily Dickinson Homestead/Museum

 10:50 PM Friday night

"Large loud party with many individuals identified as being minors in possession of alcohol. One tenant was identified on scene. Approximately 60-100 guests cleared from apartment."

Arrested for TBL noise violation:
Nicholas Abraham, 285 Main St #2, Amherst, MA, age 19
One other cited for marijuana, $100 fine

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that Larry, it seems a stricter, NOT lighter approach would have been more appropriate. It is very easy to tell that "they're back" when awoken at 2AM, 240AM and so on, by the hooting, shouting, and music, not to mention the J-walkers and numerous lost souls trying to find their way around our little town while creating havoc at every, I raise a glass to you my friend, "here is to another great year of reporting".